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  1. its sort of funny that im revisting this post almost 3 years later....i cant belive how the time has flown by. i finally did end up going ahead and getting a 16 degree the other day (adams idea pro gold), and i must say that i like it. i didnt mind my 5 wood at all, but the hybrid is a little easier to control, which makes it the ideal club to pull when hitting in a par 5, or even off a tee shot that is real tight
  2. based off of what you said you were looking for i would say go with 5 wood. i carry a 3 and a 5 (13.5 and 18.5), or occasionaly trade out the 5 w for a 2H. the 5 wood is easier to shape consistently, and also easier to hit out of the fairway and rough. it would also fit the distance you were looking for a bit better i think.
  3. if you were to post a video it might be easier to tell for sure but my bet is that your pulling your irons just a little bit. one year i started steadily coming over the top....no one poinited out to me that i was aimed well right with my wedges and irons. i began to hit pw 145-155, but couldnt hit drive to save my life, either i sliced it or pulled it 90 yards left. i would have someone check your alignment and make sure that your setting up to the ball with both clubs the same. if you are in fact just making better swings with your irons just try and make as many observations as you can as t
  4. when i hit a high draw i feel like my wrists and grip pressure are very light, i swing the club smoothly from the inside and really focus on swinging it out to right field. that coupled with the ball up in my stance about a ball or two, lets me hit a higher shot when need be. the high draw is a great shot to have, hope this helps you figure it out!
  5. When you roll your wrists and the ball goes left its because you swung outside (over plane), your target line with a closed face. This is the sister miss to a slice. To get your ball to go out straight go left, or stay straight, you need to swing the club from the inside. what i would do is take a 6 or 7 iron and go to the range and practice punch shots with a very closed stance so that you can get the feeling of swinging from the inside. you should also make sure that you get your shoulders square, or maybe even a little right of the target line, this will make it much easier to swing the clu
  6. Hey guys, I'm putting a few items up here that I will also be posting on ebay. If you want to inbox me for pics or talk prices feel free! The only item I'm looking for in trade right now is an r11 tp driver. 909d2-73 X blueboard : shafts in excellent shape, put in this year, new grip when installed. The head is also in great shape (8.5-9/10). It's a 9.5 degree, and headcover is included! ping i15- 83 x white board- great looking club in fantastic shape (9/10). I think its 9 degrees of loft, but I'd have to check! Headcover is included ping S59's- great set of used irons, still in great s
  7. Just wondering who here has played these clubs and with what level of success they had. I've played blades previously (695's), but ultimately got rid of them because the shafts were to stiff (7.0). I'm currently playing x20 tours and have no real legit complaints but i had the oppurtunity to get the pings at a great price so i gave it a go? Any feed back on these clubs would be great! Thanks
  8. is it still possible to be coming over the top (out/in) with the towel in place?
  9. http://www.swingacademy.com/videoPlayer.aspx?id=8781
  10. I'm what one might call a "club whore" as I'm always fasinated by trying out new things and re configuring the bag with different set ups...i.e 3 vs 4 wedges, stuff like that. What I've learned is that used clubs are a solution to this. The only draw back to someone who loves the latest and greatest is the best deals usually come on clubs that are a model or so behind. Last year I wanted to add a gap wedge...I picked up a callaway X (50 degree) on ebay for $11.99, after regripping it myself it was a $20 dollar purchase. I decided a new driver was in order this spring and am a bit of a titliest
  11. hey guys, ive been reading alot into my divots to tell me why my ball does what it does. ive come to notice that i almost never have that in to out divot that would result in a draw. ive been watching swings of better golfers and discussing in some degree with others about droping the club into the slot in order to come form the inside. i struggled to do it on the course today, and could use some advice and drills to go about learning to do this so it becomes second nature...as always any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  12. hey yall i was hoping someone here could give me some help based off of what ive described... so essentially im having a ton of difficulty hitting a low ball or draw and have been told i dont get my hips all the way thru so therefore i dont really finish my swing with my shoulders i just sort of hang them out high. as of late the miss has been a pull or a slice. i need some advice on what to work on at the range, any help is appreciated. thanks guys
  13. Towards the end of this summer I was really hammering the ball, hitting my driver comfortably about 290, with a very very slight cut... Since then my swing sorta fell in and outta sorts, was shanking for a little while, and have seemed to get back on track, accept I've lost almost all ability to hit woods, esp driver. I can feel my arms cutting across my body and my swing finishes sort of up and away, instead of following through with the club near my back, I'm just not sure how to go about fixing this, but its quite frustrating... my tee shots are now looking like huge slices, or very short
  14. its been forever since i had shanked anything and then.... i was at the chipping green the other day for a while hitting various flops and different shots ext..when i went to go take some full shots with my 60, i shanked multiple...i didnt do it at the course the next day but did it again at the chipping green last night..suggestions? or explanations?? thanks
  15. hey guys this thread goes out to fellow and past owners of this clubs as well as people who first transitioned from a cavity to blade. i went from cleveland cg golds to callaway x 20 tours. i decided id jump on a set of 695's when i found them pretty cheap on ebay. my iron play is my strength, and as ive jumped sets and dropped my handicap im feeling ever more confident but still a little nervous going to an mb club. id like to hear what curve others experienced, thank you!
  16. Just wondering if anyone knew of any streaming video sights where I could watch previous seasons of the big break on my computer. Thanks :)
  17. who here has taken playing lessons with their club pro? did you feel like it was worth the money? what did you take out of it? what types of things did he/she show you? As always, thanks for the responses :)
  18. I may be looking to purchase one of these drivers in the coming weeks, and I was curious to who's played which and how they liked it, and if anyone has played both and how they liked which one and for what reasons? Thanks guys.
  19. All is good advice, and will be considered. I think tempo is a big peice in trying to over hit the long irons, will see i plan to tee off at 3
  20. pw-140 9-152 8-163 7-175 6-182 5-189 4-195 3-202 I just feel like I don't hit the mid long to long irons as well or as far as I should and I'm not entirely sure why. I do have a theory, and i'm not sure if anyone else might agree or have experience with this. I'm pretty quiet with my lower body, so with the shorter wedges/irons it doesn't come into play as much, but with the longer clubs, maybe I need more of a turn to get the distance up there? Any comments are appreciated!
  21. I've been considering for a while adding a 1 hybrid of sorts to my bag, but I don't see a whole lot of them at my local golf shops. Who's used what and with what success?
  22. I'm considering reshafting my 905r. It's been my 'back up' driver for sometime, but I recently broke the driver I was using and I think it's going to now be king in the bag. It currently has a graphite by design ys-6 stiff shaft in it, but i'm wondering if based upon my swing if this is helpful or hurtful general specs ss:100-105 mph ball flight: medium, medium low tempo: very quick load All suggestions are welcomed!
  23. Thanks for the advice guys, unfortunately I will not be getting a chance to try it out for some time. We got about a foot of snow over the past few days :(
  24. As my game's continued to evolve its apparent where my strengths and weakness lie. I'm a very good iron and wedge player (full wedges, short game shots I'm still working on) but I can't seem to get into any kind of grove with the driver. I have a pretty steep swing and hit down on the ball with my irons. This produces a high and far ball flight, but with the woods its a disaster. My hybrid also gives me the same problem, a lot the time I just pop it up. Sometimes I'm able to swing the hybrid more around my body then vertically, and this produces a solid draw. I'm looking for some advice on how
  25. What's the biggest difference? Which do you prefer? Which would you recommend?
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