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  1. I started playing with a set of hand-me-down Callaway Big Bertha CB irons which were great. My dad had a set of Ben Hogan blades that someone had given him and he had tried to use but said he couldn't hit. As my game improved I eventually started working the blades into my bag starting with the 9, 8, and 7. Started hitting them pretty good and worked the whole set into my bag. Today that's all I use, I love the feel and the distance you get with them. I occasionaly miss the sweet spot and they aren't forgiving. Other than that I love them and don't think I'll ever go back to CB.
  2. Speed is a major issue! May also be the speed of my play and sometimes not taking my time. I'll keep the tip in mind, thanks a lot!
  3. I consider myself an average golfer. 2 years ago I had about 4 months of lesson from Golf-Tec, changed my game for the better considerably. As far as my overall game goes I'm fairly pleased right now. My iron and hybrid play are pretty good, a little iffy with the drive depending on the day but with my distance I can usually get away with it because I'm good with everything else off the tee. My biggest problem lately is putting. The last few times i've played I had mearly joked about how bad of a putter I am. The last game I played i think is what pushed me over the edge. I shot my best score of the summer (86) which included two 3 putt par 5s for par on the back nine. Granted they weren't my only 3 putts of the round but def. the ones that stung the most. I really don't know if it's a mental thing or what. The past few rounds i've experimented with different stances but still come up with all the same results. I feel like i have a good stroke but who knows. Just looking for any suggestions...ANY!
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