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  1. Looking into a new putter

    Odyssey XG #9 is exactly what I thought of after reading the OP
  2. Ma Deuce on a Container Ship

    How about non-lethal weapons?
  3. How would you rank the top five golf states? 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. California 4. North Carolina 5. Minnesota (had to throw a northern state in )
  4. G5 hybrid

    Looks like a pretty damn good deal to me.
  5. USA Today hates golf

    Looks like a guy who tried to take up the game and failed miserably. He is also a tree hugger in every way possible.
  6. Lessons v. Self Taught

    Something tells me the people who absolutely refuse to get a lesson are the same ones who hate it when they're told what they're doing wrong.
  7. Gotta love the midwest

    First golf meet ever tomorrow. High of 35 w/ snow flurries woohoo!
  8. New 3 wood.

  9. opinions on my potential??

    Get your first lesson. You'll probably be surprised how much you're doing wrong and how much it helps you.
  10. Worst round in a long time today!!!

    Back.to.basics. anytime it seems like everything is going wrong, I have to remember those three words
  11. Just played with Rory McIlroy

    jesus people he said something bad about Rory Sabbatini . Keep acting like that's going to give him a bad reputation. Give me a break
  12. Tiger is Back and that is a fact

    Smoke the competition? Come on now. Tiger is going to be around for a while. Some people need to relax. There's going to be plenty of time for you to express your slightly creepy love for him. Pace yourselves.

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