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  1. Not sure how many people listen to tunes while they post... we'll see. Ain't No Way- Chris Brown
  2. How would you rank the top five golf states? 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. California 4. North Carolina 5. Minnesota (had to throw a northern state in )
  3. Looking into a new putter

    Odyssey XG #9 is exactly what I thought of after reading the OP
  4. Ma Deuce on a Container Ship

    How about non-lethal weapons?
  5. G5 hybrid

    Looks like a pretty damn good deal to me.
  6. USA Today hates golf

    Looks like a guy who tried to take up the game and failed miserably. He is also a tree hugger in every way possible.
  7. Lessons v. Self Taught

    Something tells me the people who absolutely refuse to get a lesson are the same ones who hate it when they're told what they're doing wrong.
  8. Gotta love the midwest

    First golf meet ever tomorrow. High of 35 w/ snow flurries woohoo!
  9. New 3 wood.

  10. opinions on my potential??

    Get your first lesson. You'll probably be surprised how much you're doing wrong and how much it helps you.
  11. Worst round in a long time today!!!

    Back.to.basics. anytime it seems like everything is going wrong, I have to remember those three words
  12. Just played with Rory McIlroy

    jesus people he said something bad about Rory Sabbatini . Keep acting like that's going to give him a bad reputation. Give me a break
  13. Tiger is Back and that is a fact

    Smoke the competition? Come on now. Tiger is going to be around for a while. Some people need to relax. There's going to be plenty of time for you to express your slightly creepy love for him. Pace yourselves.
  14. Bay Hill

  15. boycott michael phelps

    "If Michael Phelps smokes pot why can't I?", "You can, right after you win twelve gold medals for your country" http://www.hulu.com/watch/56636/satu...michael-phelps
  16. anyone going to a bowl game?

    I'm headed down to Tampa tuesday to watch the Hawks beat up on South Carolina in the Outback Bowl on the 1st. anyone else headed to a bowl game?
  17. It's alright PEZgolf. This forum is like a Tiger fanboy club. Praise someone other than Tiger and they are all over you.
  18. Palm Pistol

    I agree w/ equipment junkie. A non-lethal taser or pepper spray will take care of business just as fast as a gun would.
  19. Who's your favorite golfer?

    1. Zach Johnson 2. Todd Hamilton 3. Rocco 4. AK
  20. Tiger's irons

    That'd be convenient! :P
  21. Tiger's irons

    honestly, do you think Nike would care what irons he plays as long as it looks like hes playing their irons? Tiger gets paid to represent nike. They make money as long as his irons look like Nike blades. Again, I never said that he uses Miura.

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