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  1. Sick skills.That is a neat look.
  2. I read it bud. I guess I see what you mean, but don't agree that I'm not interested in improving. Don't know where that came from.
  3. I wear street shoes when I play usually like skate style shoes. I never slip in flat bottoms. I must not swing hard enough.
  4. I have to admit I'm a stupid monkey. I play totally by feel. I have never understood how the swing works. I can only tell if a swing is working by results. Have no Interest in making the game anymore confusing.
  5. Great idea. I am grooming a young golfer as we speak. I am two seasons in with this young man,my son. Also taking my girlfriend under my wing and got her wanting to golf. She's scared of the course so I am finding ways to make her feel comfortable. She's starting to make good contact and thinking about buying her own set. I am excited for the future now that I am able to share my passion with others.
  6. That's what's great about golf, you decide how involved you want to be. No one can garuntee how good you will get but that doesn't mean you can't try as hard as you can and see where it takes you.
  7. 38 is my personal best for 9 also! Here s to 37.:beer:
  8. Thought I'd bump this thread. I use a 5w for tee shots,no driver or 3 wood.
  9. Norman was a solid player and still is compared to me but Tiger in his prime was just a different level of greatness, I don't think anyone would have kept up with Tiger in his prime. Phil couldn't, Ernie also was always playing second fiddle. However I think Tom Watson could have handled him better than most.
  10. Game plan for the course your playing and be confident it will affect how people play when they are in your group. Also don't forget to only hit the clubs you can control on a regular basis.
  11. next to nothing. I only carry a few clubs these days and only own maybe 12 clubs that are what I consider nice clubs.
  12. We do have snow on the ground. Hope you didn't get any.
  13. Mine sure looks to be now here in Wisconsin:(
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