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  1. I guess your swing speed is in the range where it doesn't really affect it, or even if you swing really easy - it might add you a few yards Not a big knocker here, which is why I was buying Noodles in the first place.
  2. 0 But why would colored tees be dorky?? Who cares what color they are? Oh wait, I do, I only use white tees.
  3. I think I may be getting the best deal in golf. I am a member of an Elks club that happens to have it's own 9 hole golf course. I pay $60 a year for Elks dues then $350 a year for a golf permit which means I golf anytime NO GREENS FEES. My dad and I have a golf cart which is stored at the course for $90 a year. I leave my clubs on the cart, I just drive out jump in the cart and hit the first tee anytime I want. Don't let the price fool you, it is actually a pretty nice course, they hired a new greenskeeper a few years ago and also added a fairway watering system. We have 2 holes tha
  4. Yes, but these are specifically marked as x-outs and logo over runs. BTW, Played nine this morning and used them and I would say (at least the 2 that I used for the round) are just the same as a regular noodle, distance off the driver was as good as my normal drives, in fact on our long par 5 I hit one just short of my longest ever drive there. I think they are a good deal.
  5. Naaah! I am not that good! I can usually tell if a ball is "dead" tho' and if it doesn't feel good off the clubhead I'll toss it. They don't look like anything is wrong with them, some look like the ink got a little sloppy, but that shouldn't effect play....
  6. Hi all, new member here..... So I am at the local Wally World to buy some golf balls, I like Noodles so I am about to grab the box of a dozen for 19.95 when I notice a funny shaped noodle box, looks like something a bottle of liqour would com in. Maxfli Noodle Practice balls, and on the box it says, "x-outs, logo overruns, and overruns" 2 dozen for 12.95. So I bought these, correct me if I am wrong, but other that the "p" stamped on them they are just like a new noodle aren't they? Just blems.
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