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  1. I prefer bulding ur own set like get ur irons ur woods ur wedges ur drivers etc seprate but if u see a good set at a good price go for it :) only what i think though :)
  2. DoubleBogey


    I have my putter that is 20+ years old now it was my fathers and was giving it when i started etc im used to it very much having playing with it for a long time but its not in the best of condictions etc and i have money to get a new putter....i duno if i should get get a new one with me being so used to it what would u do
  3. 151 - 200 yards for me around 150+ normaly off the tea i can hit over 250 etc but avrage is 150 - 200 :)
  4. I have a park near me when i use practice balls over the park into the woods with my drives etc i also practice my chips and use my and get some practice of my irons yeh.....
  5. I was playing at a course in scotland called Craig And Tinny and a golf ball came flying over me and hit my golf bag not myself i thought to myself you would have thought someone would have shouted FOUR Then when i turned around it was about 3 or 4 12 year olds trying to get over a wall and hitting balls anywhere they wanted
  6. Just actuly just started playing proper golf i was always into pitch and put etc but the last 10 - 15 days i have been going around 18 hole courses :) so i desided to find a forum and get some hints and tips to try and imporve my game :):)
  7. Made a shot from the sand only inches short of the hole i was about 30 yards from flag
  8. I hit a 129 today was a good day out i broke my record but still wanting to break 100 at one point this year :) the par was 72 :)
  9. Hopfully To Break 100 And Improve My Tea Off....
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