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  1. First Name: Brandon Age: 17 City/town: Waterloo, Ontario ( hour west of Toronto ) Handicap index: 15 Career low round:83 How far you usually hit your driver: 230 Favorite course you've played: Angus Glen GC, TPC Scottsdale Favorite course you haven't played yet: Spyglass Favorite golf movie: Happy Gilmore I guess, haven't seen others Favorite golf book: Ernie Els guide to golf fitness Favorite golf magazine: Golf Digest Favorite male golfer: Phil, George Lopez Favorite female golfer: Gulbis Pro teams (NFL, NHL,MLB,NBA,Worldwide Soccer): Chelsea FC, Indy Colts, Kitchener Rangers College teams (Hoops,football etc.): WLU, Ohio State
  2. the waiting....o man the waiting has to be the worst. 6 hour round pshhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. noon. you get to eat dinner afterwards
  4. my best is 82 on a par 72, pars and bogeys.
  5. my name is brandon aswell, and I have been to texas before! though I do live in canada
  6. One tip that a guy was floating around on "personal lessons" on the golf channel is to have an internal clock for timing your swing. Do any of you guys count to a number so that proper lag is achieved? When I tried it today, I was thinking too much and couldn't make consitant contact. An example of this is counting to 2 when you get to the top of your backswing, and then to 3 when you hit the ball.
  7. my membership costs me $700 a year, and I get 14 courses to choose from. I am a junior though
  8. 17 years of age, been playing for 3 years.
  9. all i know is that the password is all lowercase; there is no capital I
  10. One bag is the normal thing to do, just decide if you want a carry bag or a cart bag then go nuts.
  11. yeah, he hasn't been able to close anything out this year.
  12. When I have problems driving, I study these pictures and try to replicate what mikey is doing. The straight front arm is key, as well as the shoulder-turn and the set-up at address. Notice how the club is almost at 90° from his arms at the top of the back swing?
  13. yeah, I wear my golf clothes everywhere I go now, its much like my school uniform so I'm comfortable wearing collared shirts all the time. You don't see many people wearing golf hats around town but when I do see someone wearing one, i have a sense that they are a little more intelligent than the average person around here.
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