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  1. Noise control at the driving range

    I keep my iPod in my pocket and run the wires under my shirt. Even if I don't have an iPod, noise doesn't really bother me, because sometimes I'm the one making the noise if I'm helping my girlfriend or something.
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't carry a 3 wood??

    Honestly I feel more comfortable hitting my 3-iron than my 3-wood. Huge loss of distance, but my 3-wood is the only club that still has any sort of slice to it. I've got a 17* hybrid coming to me. I've never used one before, but maybe the "not quite a wood but longer than an iron" is my answer?
  3. Hit by a ball!

    The 18th hole of a local course is nicknamed "The Monster." The tee box is about 40 yards into a farmer's cornfield, and you have to hit over 40 yards of wasteland (corn field) onto the fairway. The whole tee box is surrounded by big boulders, so you have to walk to it and walk through an arched lattice entrance at the front of the tee box. I was with my girlfriend standing at the front of the tee box, off to the side, outside the entryway and the other twosome we were paired with was teeing off. I figured there's no way they were going to hit us because we were 15 yards ahead of them and about 10 yards to the left. Wouldn't ya know he swings for the fences and hits it off the heel and it comes at our heads. Luckily it wasn't right at our heads because I don't think our reaction time was fast enough... but I'd say it was less than 2 feet from my head and 3-4 feet from my girlfriend's. Scary. Now I stay behind the people teeing off.
  4. Course management - How would you react?

    Exactly my approach, except I hit my PW 135 so I'd need to hit my 54* (95-105 yards) to get the right distance for my PW, which I am most comfortable hitting at a full swing.
  5. What should I tip my caddie?

    I've never had a caddy, but... $35 goes to the caddy for 4 hours of work, is less than $10 an hour. I would try to make it so he gets at least $15/hour, which would be another $25 to make it a total of $60 for 4 hours of work.
  6. Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) Discussion

    I don't know what this ESC thing is, but I've been calculating my handicap by posting all of my scores to a website (greenskeeper.org)... I'm about to go read the popeofslope website, but I am presuming from this thread that with ESC I wouldn't count anything over a 7?
  7. Bye Bye strokes, your thoughts on plus handicaps

    I only somewhat understand the concept of handicap, and I've never been in tournaments or anything like that so I don't know how it's used in them. Though, I can discern from the previous posts that it's pretty simple. Anyway, that would suck if you had to add points to your net score for a tournament just because you went sub-scratch. p.s. I get my handicap by greenskeeper.org and filling in the score and course rating/slope, so I'm not just making it up. Maybe I should learn what a handicap even means eh? haha
  8. who gambles while golfing

    Wow, I've never gambled playing golf. I don't think I would like it, because I don't like taking peoples' money unless it's a casino or something for traditional gambling, or an office football pool. The most competition I've been in is a family championship, haha. I came in to my new position at the end of the summer, so I missed the "golf outing" that my company throws, which is pretty competitive I hear.
  9. I was playing with my grilfriend about a month ago, and there's a 150 yard par 3, and right behind the green (within 10 yards of the back edge) is the tee box for the next hole. (Now, as a preface, this course has hole/yardage things at each tee box, made out of stone so they're pretty. The faceplate that has all the information on it is on a 45* angle on the stone post.) So back to the story, the day before I had overshot the green with my 7-iron, so I pulled out my 8-iron (new clubs, still getting used to yardages). So I took my tee shot and I must have been feeling good, because I hit it straight and I was excited to see it drop right on the pin.... annnnd over the hill it goes, over the small tree behind the green, and I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden I hear a loud THUNK and I'm like great, cart path... it's probably bounced 3 holes over now. So we cart to the green and I go searching for my ball. a couple of minutes later after I can't find it, I go back to drop, and I see this white speck on the back lip/rough of the raised green. It was my ball, and I don't know how it got there, but my best guess is that it bounced off of that 45* stone hole info plate thingy and came back. No idea what happened, but from now on I choke up and make sure to swing slower on my 8i. I've tried my 9i on that hole but it comes up 5 yards short of the green.
  10. Jeans, Golf Courses, and Father-in-laws

    Greystone is freaking beautiful. I've only played it once, but next season I'll be there a bunch more. I also agree that Eagle Vale is way too expensive. It's a nice course, but certainly not worth $45 when there are courses like Greystone and Shadow Pines around. Well I grew up playing Webster and the Shadows, and actually grew up 5 minutes from Greystone but it was always too expensive to go, so I've gotta make up for that, haha. I just graduated from RIT and got me a job, so I've finally got income and I can afford to play rounds of golf, instead of just hitting the driving range. I've been playing the Shadows a lot lately, mostly Shadow Lake with my girlfriend. Also, since she lives out in Brockport, there are like 6 courses within 10 minutes of her apartment (all on Rt-104/Ridge Rd). They're decent... flat, open, and arid fairways and greens, but hey it's golf (and it's pretty cheap, too). So far I've only tried Deerfield, Arrowhead, and Brockport CC. Also, when I've got an hour or so and I want to play, I'll go to this nice little place down in Rush called Executive South Family Golf Center. It's a nice little par-3 course that you can play for $7. It really gets me working on my approach shots. I'm still making golfing buddies at work, because it's big corporation (Harris) and everyone golfs here.
  11. Jeans, Golf Courses, and Father-in-laws

    Haha, indeed. So you play Eagle Vale or the Shadows much?
  12. Jeans, Golf Courses, and Father-in-laws

    Ohhh OGC? I used to live about 5 minutes from it. Never played the course, but I got offered a job there when I was younger because my father was friends with the course pro. And yea, the 18th is a freaking monster. If you birdie it, you get a free round of golf. The scorecard says it's impossible to get up and down if you miss the approach shot, haha. My girlfriend actually chipped up from the front (a very narrow apron) and putted it in; a miracle for sure, haha. Where on the east side? I'm in East Rochester, Brighton area, but my girlfriend is out in Brockport so it's easy for us. What courses do you normally play? I lived in Penfield for a little while and I grew up around here, so I've played almost everything. By the way, this Sunday they're doing a special: $40 to play and you get 2 free greens fees and a voucher for either a free set of wedges or a hybrid. They did it last weekend too, and I chose the hybrid because I don't own one yet so I figure it's worth a try. www.magiquegolf.com is the vendor. Besides, $40 for 3 rounds of golf is a good deal :) Anyway you've gotta be on the 'mailing list' to get the deal, but if you're interested I can send the coupon to a friend via e-mail.
  13. Jeans, Golf Courses, and Father-in-laws

    Roody, which course was it? I'm up here in Rochester, too... I played Brockport CC last weekend and it was 55 degrees at my 8am tee time, but it warmed up to a nice 65 and sunny by 11am. I feel your pain about being cold in the morning, I could barely feel my fingers while teeing off. It definitely screws up your game. This weekend's supposed to be nice though :)
  14. Yes! Putters

    I love that Callie Forged, but damn they're expensive!
  15. Help - Adding a Gap Wedge

    Maybe someone could help me in my problem, too. PW - 45* ... I only hit this from 125-135 SW - 54* ... I hit this from half-swing 60-110 full swing, and use it for all of my chips LW - 60* ... I hit this from 40-60, and use it up close if I need to stick a shot. I've noticed some distance control problems between my SW and PW, namely that I end up 110-120 yards from the green and I take out my SW and it comes up a couple yards short I feel like I should have something in between my PW and SW, and maybe I should get rid of my 54* and get a 56* for my chips/close shots and get a 52* for my GW? Also, I very frequently feel like I wish I had something in between my 54* and my 60*, because I hate hitting my 60* on anything more than a half swing, but I'll hit my 54* too far.