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  1. DublinMeUp


    C'mon o'Dea! second in chips starting in 2 hours plus he's irish
  2. this is nearly the exact same at my range, 250 is 220 etc to check the measuring tool all you have to do is measure something you know the distance of, for example i measured the football pitch i played on when i was younger. It was bang on so i trust the tool for courses etc now
  3. Looks like i need to head to a doctor. Its weird felt a slight twinge yesterday at the range but nothing to write home about but today its pretty bad. I think its just down to my general lack of fitness and also could have been something i done when i started playing again that i haven't given time to heal. I've been swinging a club to try pinpoint where in my swing i did it or where I am aggravating it but can't pinpoint anything. Better stop playing for now anyway, which I'm annoyed about due to yesterdays massive progress ( in my eyes )
  4. Just wanted to again state how great this club is ( 7i pro ) and i believe i have only barely touched on the full benefits. Played last weekend in what can only be described as swampy conditions lol and thought my game had fallen apart because i kept leaving these golf ball shaped gullies and getting really low flight. I now think the ground was just to soft for a high handicapper try to hit "down" ( I could be wrong and i was just terrible that day but anyway ) Went to the range today after taking a break to try let a shoulder / back issue heal, I'm literally astonished at my ba
  5. Thanks but not paying what the putter is worth in shipping to Ireland ;)
  6. You could be right mate, was watching him play today but quality was bad so i was squinting to try see which it was
  7. his is center shaft right? cant find many with a center shaft
  8. yeah i think so.. kinda looks like a 2 ball blade maybe? wouldn't mind knowing the exact model / year but cant find anywhere online that has that much detail
  9. Anyone know what model of odyssey putter Overton is using at the moment?
  10. thats the thing, I only started playing a few months back and feel i have made progress, I dont want to stop or seriously slow down for fear that i start to lose what little "skill" i have
  11. Oh right, i thought my post had been misinterpreted. still dont quite get it though
  12. Went and played a round of virtual golf last night at a new place that opened here. Full Swing Golf Simulators Full Swing Golf's unmatched level of realism and accuracy can be summed up in three words: BALL - FLIGHT - PERFORMANCE Full Swing's propietary, dual infrared ball tracking system has revolutionized the standards by which golf simulators are measured. By focusing solely on the flight of the golf ball, from a wide variety of simulated fairway, rough, and sand lies , Full Swing Golf gives the player the
  13. wow thats pretty crazy, fair play dude
  14. this is building into another "feel" argument, im out
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