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  1. It's a United Sports Technologies V2 LD-4. It's exremely stiff and very heavy at 47 inches long.
  2. I borrowed it from the pro shop so im not sure. I would like to get one myself also. If i find our ill let you know thanks
  3. In this video, I'm swinging as hard as I can just to see how fast the club head was going. When I was younger, stronger and had more time, I could only swing 125 mph. Now that I'm 41, out of shape and out of time, I'm swinging the club head faster than ever. 133 mph!!!
  4. The thing that stands out the most is you positions after impact you slide with your upper body toward the target and also lose your spine angle .Try staying over you your ball and behind it a little more through impact.Its a very good swing but that move might effect your 40 50 60 yard shots by making it hard to control your distance .Those are the shots that will help you get to scratch.Just try to stabalize your head on the followthrough side of your swing .just for a drill try hitting some 7 irons without moving your head toward the target at all .Swing in a barrel !
  5. Your swing looks very repeatable to me. I can see how you could be better than a 7 handicap. If I had to guess, the best part of your game are your mid irons. You probably hit your 8 iron 150+ with your normal swing. Your divots looked perfect and it was crisp contact. The thing that's most noticeable is the movement of your legs in your backswing. When you try to hit a full swing driver, some of this extra leg movement might cost you some strokes. I would try a drill with the same club you're using there taking an even shorter backswing and make sure your back leg doesn't break down.
  6. I turned 40 this year. I too have minimal time to get in shape or practice. That's why I combine exercise with golf training in minutes a day- at least my swing will look good! This unique training is both exhilarating and fun and you can do it almost anywhere. All you need is room to swing and one to five minutes to spare. I call it Lag Rag training and you can see it on YouTube under Lag Rag. I've had some great feedback from others who have tried this.
  7. I always thought you have to plan out your round like a conservative, yet swing carefree and loose like a liberal. I hate to get political on a golf chat, but who do you think takes more self-taken gimmies - Democrats or Republicans. Why??
  8. Sometimes I get carried away with my complaining. If I have one hundred yards or less to the hole I expect a very good shot. If I mess it up I whine like a child. After I'm done with my rant sometimes I make birdie anyway or par anyway. I know this must drive my group nuts. For this I'm sorry - still working on my mental game!!! Anybody else want to contribute the annoying things that you do?
  9. I agree on that one. For me the hardest putt to make is a two foot birdie putt. Once in a while I play with relatives who contnue to say "good birdie" or even try to swat my ball back. I feel like I have to convince them that I could miss it, then try to make it. This puts a lot of extra thoughts in a brain that's already full of nonsence!!!!!
  10. Golfers can get on your nerves sometimes. So, here's where you can let out some frustraion. Has this ever happened to you? A player I'm with skulls the ball out of the sandtrap then slams the club into the sand and says, "There's not enough sand in this bunker!" There's not enough sand in the Sahara to help that shot!!! Here's another thing: If you play the same 130yd par 3 four times a week, please do not take out that range finder again...unless your trying to look at the cart girl!!! Thanks.
  11. If you feel any bodily function coming on, whether it be a burp, gas, sneeze, etc. NEVER start your swing. You may have a blowout!
  12. Absolutely stay behind the ball with the driver and complete your follow through to the max.
  13. My name is Scapo. I'm 5'8". Turning 40. And last time I measured, my swing speed was 130 mph. Even though I swing so hard, I'm relatively accurate for the distance that I'm hitting. When I was younger, I had much more wrist lag in my swing and was very wild. Now, I generate speed with rotation and I have a very long impact position with a flat left wrist. Even though my wrists are less active, my upper torso increases speed as it rotates through impact. This creates what I believe is a very powerful whip effect as my left arm approaches the ball. As I get to the ball, it feels like I
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