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  1. I would have a really hard time adjusting, but it would make it a lot easier to find the darn ball!
  2. I play the balls that I find off the range (since that is where I work) and I play those. I usually don't change out a ball unless it has a serious scuff. Of course, I don't play in tournaments either. I don't have the opportunities. On sucking the ball back, I play on extremely hard greens, so I never have that chance. Very few times are the greens receptive.
  3. Try your local course too. They will usually let you borrow a club for a round as long as you leave them your credit card. Great way to test it out. The G2 is a great club. I haven't had the pleasure of hitting it myself, but I've heard many people speak only good things about it. It would be a great choice. Take a good look at the Taylor Made r5. That is also a wonderful club, and very large, although I don't think it is quite 460 cc's.
  4. I don't know your swing or your handicap, but you have three options. You can go straight forgiving cavity back, slightly harder to hit cavity back, or a more difficult club like the Mizuno MP 30's. Here is what I suggest. If you are only going to work on your game a little bit, like hit the range only a few times a month, go with the Mizuno MX 23's. They'll give you enough forgiveness to keep the game fun. However, if you are willing to practice, I highly recommend the clubs TaylorMadeFan suggested. That is, Titleist 690 CB, Nike Forged Pro Combo, Mizuno MP 30, and the Ben Hogan Apex FX
  5. I'm a pretty good player, but I still can't hit a 3 iron flush every time, especially with blades. So, for me, a switch to a steel shafted Taylor Made Rescue Mid might be a great choice. Also, hybrids have been known to replace both irons and fairway woods, freeing up more room for wedges.
  6. Yeah, they are pretty strict. I haven't got booted yet, but they warned me for posting too much with too little content. And believe me, I was posting a lot more content per post than the mods. They just didn't want a newbie catching up to them is all.
  7. You got it Head Pro dude! (If you don't mind, I'll make that your longer nickname.) GR is Golf Rewind, another golf forum.
  8. Oh, but either way, welcome! Hope you stay for a long time! See ya out there!
  9. Ah Maverick. How did you find your way here? After all, you got banned form GR. No offense, but I was just curious.
  10. Well, the most reliable way is always word of mouth. Starts out slow at first, but man, watch it grow. I know some people here don't like Golf Rewind, but its only 6 months old, and it has more than 1000 members. I think we could do the same thing here.
  11. Thanks for the tip! After all, who wants to be a 36 when they're really a 46??? JK. I seriously doubt we have a single golfer that bad.
  12. That way you might find the answer. But hey, like I said, you'll find it is almost exactly like a ProV1x. Try it if you don't believe me.
  13. Believe me, that's wrong. Check out some of the pro's on tour. They hit the ball way high. And I mean waaaay!!! I have a low ball flight, and I know that the higher I hit it, the better spin I get and the more accurate I get. That is why on my good days, the ball flies higher, and I score better. But then again, I could be backwards... Let me tell you a story. I was playing with a college golfer one day. He was either a very low single diget, or a scratch. He was playing Mizuno MP 33's. I had snatched a set of Ben Hogan CFT's out of the proshop, since I wanted to demo them. (Remem
  14. I can't stand visors. They just don't feel right. Especially on a windy day, and then the wind starts messing with my hair...I hate that feeling.
  15. That is a bummer man. Makes it tough. I have problems with those really big mallets. Mental block or something. I play a mallet, a smaller one, can't think of the name at the moment, but I think I'm going back to a blade. I'm just not sinking putts right now. Of course I know I need the practice, but I set up a mental block. Nasty thing, the mind, isnt' it?
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