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  1. Callaway X-Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge $59.99 Today Only Fwd:fwd:FWD:Fwd: DIVOTMAN Needs Your Help Features: True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft Standard Length Tour CC Grooves produce enhanced spin while conforming to 2010 USGA regulations No headcover As we scour the world for the finest golf deals, we’ve realized that we need more loyal readers like yourself. By having a larger audience, we gain more buying power which allows us to negotiate even lower prices. Thes
  2. Dexterity depends on the options available for the model, but rest assured if we have them we offer all left-handed options available. Cheers!
  3. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag Callaway Hyper-Lite 3.0 Stand Golf Bag $59.99 Features: Nylon construction IZZO Double Strap Comfort System 8" top with 3-way divider 7 convenient pockets Xtra Traction Flex Foot base 3 lb. total weight . In scientific terms, the prefix "hyper" is used when "super" isn't super enough. There are hypersonic speeds and hypernovas in space, for example. This hasn't quite crossed over into non-scientific nomenclature, though. There's no Hyperman. There's no team called t
  4. Today's Deal: Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid $79.99 Heel and toe perimeter weighting for a low CG and high MOI V-shaped recess to cut down on turf interaction and improve stability Ultra-thin 0.6mm crown that provides optimal weight distribution for enhanced launch angles In the 90s, there was a little show called Animaniacs. It was about the adventures of a trio of wacky siblings. They resembled 1920s cartoon characters, sort of like "Steamboat Willy"-era Mickey Mouse. Animaniacs was not made by Disney, however, but by Warner Brothers and it w
  5. It's Baffling! Deal for Monday June 25: Cobra Rail-F Fairway Wood Golf Club $64.99
  6. $84.99 - Adams Speedline F11 Fairway Wood The Double Bounce Features: Includes Headcover Dual Velocity Slots (crown and sole) for increased swing speed and COR Graphite Shaft At a certain point, it's no longer fun enough anymore simply to jump on the trampoline. True, it was fun for a while. Bouncing up and down, up and down--you felt both in control and completely out of control at the same time. You felt like a butterfly, flitting from flower to flower in the breeze. But then you started wondering what other flighted wildli
  7. $69.99 -Nike SQ MachSpeed STR8-FIT Driver Someday we may be able to travel to distant galaxies in the blink of an eye, with teleporters or a series of tubes or trashcan lids. Something. The physics on it actually aren't that hard. I did the numbers and Steven Hawking was all, "Wow man, why didn't I think of carrying the 1 there? And integrate over x? I was integrating over y! So I says, "iono, I can't help it that your face is a stupid face." And then he got all cross and embarrassed, but we played a game of HORSE and I let him win. So we're cool no
  8. Diablo Edge Tour FW - $59.99 Hot Wings Features: Aggressive VF technology on the face for a super-hot hitting area Higher MOI than any previous Callaway fairway woods Full hosel Less face progression than standard Diablo Edge fairway wood Smaller, more conventional head than standard Diablo Edge fairway wood Provides an additional 10-12 yards over original Diablo fairway wood So here at DIVOT we go to a local wing joint once a week. I tend to be a Hot and Sweet guy... I don't mind the heat, but I do like some sweet
  9. Today's Deal: Adams Speedline F11 Driver Golf Club Today's Price: $99.99
  10. Not yet but it's on the list!
  11. We've been keeping the extras a secret, we'd rather have people pleasantly surprised than disappointed, but you are correct there will be a some bonus items with each package of Insta-Course.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, it's my honor to introduce another DIVOT-created golf product, the DIVOT Industries Insta-Course Instantly Growing Golf Course! (Suggested retail is $25,000, but sells on DIVOT.com today for $4.99!) If you're tired of paying greens fees, it's never been easier for you to bid them farewell forever! With the Insta-Course, we can plant your DIVOT seeds, then simply "just add water"! Almost instantly, you'll be standing on your own brand new golf course!
  13. Friday, March 30th Deal: Adams Idea a70SR Iron Set Golf Club $279.99
  14. Glove or no glove is a personal preference and should incorporate a number of factors when a player is deciding what is best. The primary purpose of a glove is to enhance the quality of a player’s grip on the club. What factors affect quality of grip? -The type of grip on the club and its age -How well does the installed grip react to moisture (sweat, rain, or recently applied lakewater when testing flight conditions) -How sweaty your hands get -Susceptibility to blisters, etc. I have been playing golf all of my life without a glove. I do
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