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  1. Williams may well be a racist idiot, the evidence looks fairly convincing. It also looks like rather than being fired he probably told Woods to take a long walk off a short pier. For as much media access as Tiger has, Williams has revealed a powerful motive to call it quits with Tiger.
  2. Yes. 13-2. Improving Lie, Area of Intended Stance or Swing, or Line of Play A player must not improve or allow to be improved: · the position or lie of his ball, · the area of his intended stance or swing, · his line of play or a reasonable extension of that line beyond the hole , or · the area in which he is to drop or place a ball, by any of the following actions: · pressing a club on the ground , · moving, bending or breaking anything g
  3. Club politics concerning any "club championship" match are very difficult to manage. A long time ago I played as an observer during a club championship match during which the player who won cheated repeatedly. Every approach shot involved a pre-shot routine that included tapping the club in front of the ball to mark an intended aim point. This was brought to the player's intention repeatedly by the other three players in the group, not just his competitor. After an objection was registered by the "losing" player the behavior was confirmed (not sure if the 4th went on record) and a bi
  4. I got my start at a young age, 8 years old. My father and grandfather were both interested in the game and it quickly became a good way to spend time with both. Golf was love at first hit for me and became a fixture of my youth that has continued into adulthood. Good thread.
  5. Tiger sends Steve Williams as a surrogate with the ghost of Pops to collect another Claret Jug. I also have money on Shivas Irons.
  6. The National Broadcasting Company.
  7. Can someone at NBC go drag Bob Murphy down from his tower and mail him back to The Villages? Silence is far superior to anything he has said all day. Heck, even Miller is better.
  8. I'm not 100% certain, but I have a decent amount of confidence that you DID NOT incur a penalty.
  9. Courses of note for me: St. Andrews (Old and Jubilee) Turnberry (Ailsa) also the fantastic pitch and putt Royal Troon (both) Western Gailes Royal Dornoch Prestwick Loch Lomond Golf Club Carnoustie Waterville Ballybunion (Old) Lahinch The Golf Club The Camargo Club Long Cove Catamount Ranch and Club Kaanapali Pinehurst (2, 4, 6, 7) Country Club of North Carolina
  10. Imagine a tape measure from the hole to the point of entry. Move that tape measure right and left. If there is any land, that is not in the hazard, that is more than the distance to the point of entry it is deemed to be further from the hole, therefore you can drop your ball there.
  11. Don't forget that Tiger plays the Dubai Desert Classic two weeks prior. Since he is also building a course there he probably stays on in the UAE after the tournament is over to check on progress.
  12. Erik, Thanks for the info. Do I use NFS to see across the partitions from Windows? What about from Mac to Windows? I anticipate using the Mac side often, but with my job there is no way I can give up on Windows completely.
  13. I have been considering a Mac purchase for a while and have a couple of questions. Erik mentioned paying for quality. In researching Apple, it seems there is something of a sharp divide on this issue. I have read both enthusiatic supporters and detractors of the quality of the MAC hardware. As I detest extended warranties, this has been a concern for me. Was quality an issue once, but now overcome or is it not an issue at all or still an issue? I will definetly be loading Windows on whatever Mac I purchase, in a dual boot configuration. Can I seemlessly read files on both platforms or
  14. Not only would they appear to be the minority, but they are contributing to slow play. Let's say it takes an extra 10-15 seconds to find a club everytime they go looking through their bag. Let's say they shoot 94 (we'll not count half of their 36 putts, grabbing putter only once per hole) so 76 trips to the bag looking for clubs. That's 12 to 19 minutes extra per round.
  15. I went through the process about 11 months ago and had no preference between LCD, Plasma, or DLP at the start since I wasn't going to hang it on a wall anyway. If 1080p had been priced last year what it priced this year I would have just gone to it, but it wasn't so I ended up with a 50" Samsung DLP because I thought that at 720, it looked better than either of the other two technologies. Of course, I know people who have come down in both the other two camps. I would go to both Best Buy and Circuit City (former is lit well, the latter is not). In then end, it is you that is going to be l
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