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  1. Went and played at my local 9 hole course today. (2 rounds) shot a personal best of 86. Took me 4 months to get there! I just want to improve improve improve! Had 35 putts though ;(
  2. Welcome to the sandtrap. Badass Michigan game today huh?
  3. It was about a month ago, got a white Titleist mesh cap and a box of beta intech balls for a buddy who doesn't really care too much about golf lol
  4. What's up Matt. I'm hoping to go to the Orlando area in November, ill be looking to get some golf in, maybe we can hit some greens.
  5. played yesterday at a local 9 hole course. 2nd hole 260 yard par 4. slight dog-leg right. drove the green on 1. had about a 15-17ft eagle putt that i left literally an inch short. would have been my first eagle! tapped in for birdie. talked about all day.... even to my gf lol.
  6. whats up guys/gals. 25 years old started playing golf this past May, to a point where i have somewhat pieced a set together. I had been to the driving range before years ago and played two rounds at a local muni about 6 years ago. never did anything golf related after that. so ive spent this summer playing a few rounds a month and hitting the range often. lowest score to date is an 88 besides that im living at 90-93. i dont think its too bad for a few months in. have a good day! currently in the bag: Nike sq dymo 10.5 Reg. Titleist DTRs 4-pw and a YES putter. so yea im limited right now
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