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  1. To the OP (I only read some of this so i may just be repeating everyone else) but.... First off if there is an outing ahead of them, they have no where to go, so who cares if they hit a few extra shots. Second, you're lucky that all they did was yell at you. Personally, if some ••••••• intentionally hit over me i would have teed the ball back up and smoke on right back at you (and maybe a couple more for good measure). That is a total dick move and they have every right to yell at (and beat the shit out of) you. You say you didnt mean to hit them, but your a 25 handicap, 9 times out of 10 you have no idea where the ball is going. So i dont buy that excuse. So maybe you should focus on your own etiquette (or lack thereof) and not complain about others.
  2. Steelernation lol You, a 19 handicap are complaining about all those "25 handicaps". You do realize they are only averaging 5 ish strokes worse than you over the course of 18 holes. The difference between a 19 and a 25 is hardly noticable on any given hole. It seems like you need to re evaluate your game and understand that you have more than your fair share of bad shots. Stop complaining about people that are slightly worse than you and focus on your game. Oh yeah, as a 13 i cant stand playing with those terrible 19 handicaps. (end sarcasm)
  3. That is very true. I have honestly never once had a problem with a walker. With that said i certaintly want a cart when im playing.
  4. Its funny that you say that because I feel like thats kind of the attitude that bothers me. While i agree that anyone that messes with the course and doesnt fix it is a major annoyance so are old, rich, arrogant people who just assume that its all the "drunken college kids". Im a college kid and I show far more respect toward the course and the game than a lot of old people. And in my experiences, the older people are just as bad or worse than college kids. I have literally never seen anyone under 25 drive a cart onto the tee boxes, fringe or green, yet old people do it all the time. Then when I tell them not to, they ignore me, with the same mentality that you displayed. They act like since im 20 and they are 65, they dont have to listen to me. While I would agree with you that kids can act stupid and immature I would disagree with you that they are the problem. I would say that probablly 90% of the time when there is an issue like this its either a rich middle aged guy or an old guy.
  5. Well I would recomend that your story is more consistant from the beginning next time. I still dont buy it that you hit a 5 iron 220 or whatever you said, but as for the driver make sure that you are squaring the clubface up and making solid contact. This is the only thing that could be causing you to hit a 300 yard drive on occasion and less than 250 other than that. My swing for example is just under 100 mph when I do everything right, when i dont its closer to 90. Yes 10 mph is alot, but thats not the difference between when I hit the ball 265 and when i hit it 200. A huge majority of this 65 yards is that Im not making solid contact. I know someone who has a fundamentally terrible swing, but he gets the clubface square and makes solid contact, hes a single digit handicapper. Make solid contact and youll hit the ball alot further.
  6. I work at a golf course and am in contact with literally hundreds of golfers everyday. I was just wondering what you all think of the arrogant •••••••s that play. In my experiences i find that about 50% of golfers are, for the most part, ok to deal with. This group of golfers doesnt cause problems, clean up after themselves and are generally pleasant to be around. Another 40% or so are very friendly and outgoing. They too are generally pleasant to deal with. Then it comes to the final 10% of golfers. I know there are •••••••s everywhere, but there is a very high proportion of them at a golf course. Im talking about the people who think they are the center of the universe. They make a mess and dont clean it up, they complain about anything and everything, they talk down to golf course employees, they dont fix their divots or ball marks, they ignore course rules, they get mad at the starters and rangers if something comes up and they've been delayed by a few minutes, the course is never up to their standards (probablly cause •••••••s like them mess it up and expect someone else to fix it) and just are in general obnoxious and unpleasant to be in contact with. I was wondering why there is such a large number of golfers that act like this and to anyone on here (i guarentee that there are some of you) that acts like it, why? Do you just not care or do you really think you are better than everyone else?
  7. of all the things that I said in that overly sarcastic post, you only noticed the fact that my handicap wasnt consistant. I figured that me saying that I hit my 1 iron 275 (or me saying that I only hit 85% of par 5's in 2) would be a pretty clear sign that I was just trying to point out that the op is full of it. He claims to be a 30 handicap, yet he scores an 87, hits a 5 iron farther than the average golfer's drive, and (as a 30 handicap) is unhappy with only carrying it 250 yards. Im also guessing that he just started this year and the only reason why he isnt a scratch golfer is because hes a terrible putter.
  8. To the op, i feel your pain. Im about a 30 handicap too. For some reason I can only consistantly carry my driver 290 or so. This is wierd because I have decent distance with my irons. These are my yardages (i can add 10 or 20 yards if i really need to) pw-160, 9i-175, 8i-190, 7i-200, 6i-210, 5i-225, 4i-240, 3i-250, 2i-265, 1i-275. I just wish i didnt hit my driver so short. Its frustrating because i rarely drive a green and only hit 85% of par 5's in 2.
  9. I never said that when Im playing I swing as hard as i can or anything remotely like that. I was just using that as an example for how short my irons are. I havent hit a 7 iron on the course over 145 this entire season. Maybe its not my irons, maybe its my swing but the point is that i hit my irons incredibly short as compared to my handicap and driver distance. As I said maybe its totally swing related and not iron related but i feel like i should be hitting farther with them. I would guess that it is out of the ordinary for someone who can, on a fairly consistant basis, carry their driver 265-270 (GPS verified) to hit their pw-100, 9i-110, 8i-125, 7i-145, 6i-155, 5i-165, 4i-175. But the bottom line is that you are reading into my post and inferring things that I didnt say. I appreciate the sentiment but as I said before I was just using that as an example.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. To WUTiger I know some of the things that I said kinda go against each other but im trying to find a balance. For example, with the offset, Im looking for as forgiving a club i can find with out it having a bunch of offset. I want something that is forgiving but i dont necessarily need big berthas or nike sumos. I guess I should have said that Im looking for gi irons moreso than the ugi irons. Also, i appreciate the shaft suggestions. That is the one part of my equipment that I really overlook and honestly dont know much about. Its likely that my shafts are too stiff, because I got stiff shafts on my irons thinking that I should because thats what was on my driver. But i should have probablly gone with the regular flex because i swing way more controled with my irons than with my driver (which was already on the regular/stiff border). How much would it cost to get the irons i have reshafted with better shafts? Thanks again to all for the suggestions.
  11. Im looking for a new set of irons. Im a decent ball striker and am a 13 ish handicap. Im currently playing some ben hogan bh-5's. What I want: Very Long (I know iron length isnt a big deal, but right now i have to muscle up to hit a 7 iron 150 yrds and can only hit my 4 iron 175 ish. I feel like a few extra yards would be helpful to my game) Very Forgiving (I hit well but have my fair share of not perfectly struck balls) High (I want something that throws the ball up in the air more than my hogans) Little or No offest (My hogans are offset and it still bothers me, even after having them for a few years) About $300 or less (Im a broke college kid) I dont really care about workability because at this stage in my game I generally get into more trouble trying to hit anything other than a straight shot. Im looking at the TM r7's, Wilson Staff Ci7, Callaway X-20/X-22 and Cobra 3100. One other question is what do you all think about steel vs graphite. I hit a graphite shafted cobra club the other day and really liked the feel and weighting. Do any of you 18-50 year olds use graphite or is it just for slower swings? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. i dont carry a weapon, and dont feel that i need too, but dont say act like they are a bunch of paranoid wackos. If someone wants to then more power to them. Most people who carry a gun are normal people who have faced a situation in their life before where they were threatened. Luke Scott, an outfielder for the Orioles was robbed (along with 3 teammated) at gunpoint. Now he carries a gun with him. Is he being an "unsensible paranoid wacko"? As I said before i dont carry a gun, but a majority of people that do have a good reason for doing so.
  13. Why would you be concerned about people being able to get guns legally? Over 90% of homicides are committed with ILLEGAL firearms. As it has been already stated, its not the legal ones that we need to worry about. Im 19 and have a shotgun, but its not like im a dangerous lunatic. I live on a farm and have been around guns my whole life. People like me are not the ones that are a problem. Also, having been to europe several times, I can say without a doubt i feel far safer in the USA than i did there. To be completely honest, I feel safer in SE Washington DC (one of the more dangerous places in the country), near where i go to school, than I did in europe. And besides the founding fathers of the USA put the Right to Bear Arms in the Bill of Rights to help protect the people of the country from big, tyranical, power-hungry, oppressive governments (1776 ringing any bells?) and thats seemed to work out pretty good for us.
  14. Theres a difference between good course management and shooting for bogey. Im not going to try to hit a 250 yard 3 wood over a pond on my second shot on a par five but at the same time Im not going to be overly cautious to the point where I take birdie out of the equation. The other day I was 240 ish out in a fairway bunker on a par 5. I could have done the "smart play" and hit a wedge or short iron out then a wedge or short iron on. I played a 3 wood out of of the sand trap. It wasnt a perfect shot but I ended up in a green side bunker. Now this wasnt a great 3 wood but I still only had a sand shot to get my gir. Id definantly take a green side bunker shot over a full swing short iron any day of the week. Similarly id take a 15 yard chip from the rough over a 100 yard wedge shot. If you take three shots to get to the green on a par 4 then you need to 1 putt to par and you need to forget about birdies ever. Now Im not likely to shoot even par anytime soon, but going into every round, thats what Im striving to get. As kanye west would say "shoot for the stars so if you fall you land on the clouds". Thats why I dont like the whole personal par/aiming for bogeys thing.
  15. I still dont buy it. With this mentality if you play mistake free, you are still shooting 90. I feel like it doesnt really leave room for anything better than average. Go big or Go Home. Plus, hitting spectacular shots is fun, even if you only do what your trying 1 out of 10 tries. The other day I shot a 42 with 3 birdies on 9. Scoring wise it was nothing special but i was very happy with it because of the three birdies.
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