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  1. currently im practicing for tryouts for my high school which is played from the blue tees so im playing those. I sometimes play from what everyone else is playing because i have played from all tees, and ive done alright. Usually white or blue
  2. Is it just me or were the commentators ripping Lee at every chance? Seems like they were awfully harsh.
  3. Sounds like a good idea. im 14 and i am hoping to make my high school team. I usually shoot high 80s low 90s. I really have to improve if i want to make my team, What do you think?
  4. I hope i make my golf team for high school. I was on my middle school team number 4 man. Idk if im good enough. handicap 16.7
  5. I am currently 14 and the best way to do it is to not force it on him.
  6. I know there is a review on the site, and while a great review i wanted some feedback from people that are currently using or/used the ccis in the past. I am looking for some game improvment clubs and these seemed perfect. Clean look and most importantly in my price range. (300-500) Could someone tell me more about them though? or direct me to clubs for a mid handicapper in that pricerange? Thanks
  7. I would imagine that they are a pain to take off everytime
  8. My vokey had a titleist golf pride stock grip that is wearing off as i speak. Its a bit hard, and i need to get it regripped. I got it early spring! Keep in mind that i play 6 times a week now that its summer and its my favorite club in my bag. every 6 months for rest of my clubs.=]
  9. From top to bottom. Putter at the very top single slot From left ro right-60*,56*,52*,PW NExt Slot over-9,8,7,6,5 From left to right next slot down under wedges-EMPTY(idk why), next slot over-4H,3h Next slot down under empty slot-DRIVER,3WOOD next slot over-5 WOOD
  10. With the 10 finger or baseball grip I have seen people bash on it and im not quite sure why Whhy is it bad>
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