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  1. well shortening is not really an option cause its alrdy 33" and i choke down. but today i played at the very top of the grip and i make my usual set up but pushed my hand forward a little and everything was good. so im thinking about playing with a 34 inch putter and i guess increase the lie angle maybe 2degress upright. thanks for the advice guys.
  2. so i have this problem that plagues me. when i putt most of the time the heel will hit the ground before i hit the ball and it screws everyting up of course. it does this with my taylromade that is 70* lie angle and my dad new scotty newport that is 71* lie. my question is do you think i may need to adjust the lie angle on my putter? and if so what direction wouold the bend be to cure this? like 71* to 73* or 71* to 69*?
  3. i think it just depends on you. find a shaft you like and feel confident in and out that shaft in every wood and hybird u use
  4. i have 50, 75, 65, 80 gram shafts and the only thing i otice is the 50 feels really light like i have no control over it.
  5. i think a stand bag is just better cause its not as bulky and carries just about the same amount fo stuff. the only reason the pros use them is cause they have shoes and rain clothes and gloves and balls and more stuff than we the average golfer would carry. so go get your self a stand bag and you will be perfect.
  6. i have hit one of my friends in the face on accidsnt wheni was bouncing a ball. he said that hurt.
  7. i have never been hit but i imagine it would hurt in most cases
  8. dont worry about the rules
  9. buy her a few lessons and she may not want to play again.
  10. GOLF= Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden
  11. my boss played a course in arizone called wolf creek i belive and you had to sign your life over before you played because of past people driving off the cliffs, and falling into quick sand. he said you would drive up tiny cart path up hills that are like 100ft tall and some holes and quick sand in random area off the cart path so you couldnt go in the out of bounds areas.
  12. do the same thing he deos and lower your score
  13. harrington was sinking putts like tiger so i think it would have been tough to call. however harrington might of just lost cause he was keeping his mind on the fact he was playing against tiger.
  14. i have found that hyrids seemto be very inconsistent and fairway woods of the same loft more consistant.
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