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  1. GPS Suggestions

    I bought the GPS-8 Golflogix and have played a few rounds with it and it seems accurate and easy to use so far. Just walk or drive along and the screen changes automatically. I'm fine with front/center/back of green numbers plus a few fairway hazards.
  2. gps

    Golflogix is a great GPS but just be aware the prices are dropping on existing ones because they have a new model coming out in March called GPS-8. The old one is fine, it just has a few less features so the price is much better then it was in the past. It was $350 all through 2007. I bailed out on buying the current model back in December because I kind of figured they'd do something new for 2008 and I wanted some of the new features of the GPS-8. Here's the press release on the newer GPS-8. http://www.worldgolf.com/newswire/br...-GPS-8-product
  3. Thanks Billy, I just took the plunge and ordered the Garmin Golflogix
  4. High Handicap SW

    Hitting a PW out of sand is tough because of no bounce on the club sole so it naturally digs in instead of slides under. Picking in clean is about only way to fly with a PW. That works for flat bunker with low sides. Pretty much any standard SW should work for you if you want to blast it out instead for higher lip bunkers. I struggle with sand myself and a few years ago got a "Lovett" wedge off an infomercial on golf channel. It has a more curved spoon shape to dig through sand better for high-handicappers. They had similar thing a few years ago with "alien" wedge too I think.
  5. I've never bought golf equipment from eBay. I generally but from other online stores.
  6. Wedge Help

    Right and low implies inside to out path + thin topped shots so maybe you have too flat a plane for wedges? Maybe try a little steeper path and take club back and up and less inside on backwsing. That's one thing that comes to my mind.
  7. New Putter

    I agree the belly putter makes a nice pendulum. I tried one a few years back but ended up going back to a regular putter again but with a modified low-front hand cross-handed putting grip that does well to achieve a pendulum stroke.
  8. I agree cost is the biggest factor for newbies so buy something that's not going to break you if you lose a dozen. Once you get better you can buy a more expensive ball.
  9. New Putter

    I'm recently sold on the Yes! putters. Their catalog has many different blade options depending on your putting stroke (arc or straight back). Here's the link: http://www.yesgolf.com/pdf/2007_catalog.pdf
  10. 150 yrds+ help

    I struggled with long irons and then I gave up on them long time ago. I don't even buy 3 or 4 irons in my sets anymore. They have so many other options such as low profile fairway woods (#7, 9) and hybrids which get the job done beyond 150.
  11. Good point about wrist cock, tightness and no elbow lock allin. I good wrist cock and smaller swing just makes the arm stay straight naturally. A good wrist cock is the major power source in a swing.
  12. Soccer?

    I started supporting Chelsea around 7 years ago. Thanks to the Fox soccer channel here in the U.S.
  13. the no-backswing swing

    Ok that is strange but I think the same principle would work with a more normal "connected" half backswing, pause and downswing. That's something you can take to a course and not have people staring
  14. the no-backswing swing

    Maybe their name just implies that but this sequence clearly shows just a smaller backswing? Maybe I don't get it, I'll search for a video of it somewhere. http://www.golf.com/golf/gallery/art...652959,00.html
  15. the no-backswing swing

    Too funny that's pretty much my swing but I call it a half swing. I think it's great swing for a weekend hacker who only gets out couple times a month. Less moving parts is more repeatable. I also like a long pause at the top. Better ball contact actually gives me all the distance I need from the reduced swing size. Less is more I guess