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  1. I use NXT. Can't go wrong with them. You can get them off Amazon pretty cheap. They are a great all-around ball.
  2. Ogio Vaporlite Bag

    I'm looking for a used bag for a good price. Please post it here or PM me your asking price including shipping. Thanks.
  3. Gigagolf Golf Clubs

    I admit I'm a hack. I golf a few times a year and decided on GG Cloud 9 irons. I also have their wedges and a fairway wood and am awaiting a Verve 17 driver. I have played well with them and have never regretted my decision. Would I love some OEM brand? Sure. But in the long run I get custom fitted clubs for a great price. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Johnny Miller Master Thread

    I cannot stand any of the NBC announcers... Johnny is terrible...
  5. What Are You Working On?

    everything... I suck....
  6. Dishonest Ebay seller

    This is why everyone should switch to craigslist. Free and you are buying it from the party in person.
  7. Irons Good... Woods Bad... Help?

    Thanks guys. I think that my biggest problem is that i think way too much... I tend to over think the drive and don't rely on my muscle memory.
  8. So I have been getting out a lot and am really struggling with my drives. Excepts short Par3s that I use my irons. My short game is pretty good. My go to club is my 6. I just can't get a quality string of drives going. I either top it, slice it, push it, or hook it... I hardly every hit it fat. I'm working on keeping my swing in plane. When I get out to the driving range I can hit my 5 really good, but ,my driver and 3 wood have always given me fits. My usual warm up is 6 iron, 5 wood, driver, 9 iron, wedges, back to my 3 wood, driver, 5 wood. If I have any balls left over I tend to practice short chips. Should I just go and use my driver for a session. I have heard that this can be good and bad. Any suggestions?
  9. Big Break Prince Edward Island

    I guess they could have not given her anything. How much would that be at a resort like that $2000? I have no idea...