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  1. I use NXT. Can't go wrong with them. You can get them off Amazon pretty cheap. They are a great all-around ball.
  2. I'm looking for a used bag for a good price. Please post it here or PM me your asking price including shipping. Thanks.
  3. I admit I'm a hack. I golf a few times a year and decided on GG Cloud 9 irons. I also have their wedges and a fairway wood and am awaiting a Verve 17 driver. I have played well with them and have never regretted my decision. Would I love some OEM brand? Sure. But in the long run I get custom fitted clubs for a great price. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Why? You really didn't explain.... :)
  5. I cannot stand any of the NBC announcers... Johnny is terrible...
  6. I would leave the bag... And you better post pics!
  7. I think you should look at packing three clubs and some balls. Maybe four. You should be able to sling them somehow over your back. Take a rope and make a loop around the heads and then tie them to the end of the clubs. Something like that.
  8. This is why everyone should switch to craigslist. Free and you are buying it from the party in person.
  9. Thanks guys. I think that my biggest problem is that i think way too much... I tend to over think the drive and don't rely on my muscle memory.
  10. So I have been getting out a lot and am really struggling with my drives. Excepts short Par3s that I use my irons. My short game is pretty good. My go to club is my 6. I just can't get a quality string of drives going. I either top it, slice it, push it, or hook it... I hardly every hit it fat. I'm working on keeping my swing in plane. When I get out to the driving range I can hit my 5 really good, but ,my driver and 3 wood have always given me fits. My usual warm up is 6 iron, 5 wood, driver, 9 iron, wedges, back to my 3 wood, driver, 5 wood. If I have any balls left over I tend to practice short chips. Should I just go and use my driver for a session. I have heard that this can be good and bad. Any suggestions?
  11. I guess they could have not given her anything. How much would that be at a resort like that $2000? I have no idea...
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