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  1. Need help! Do I need new clubs?

    I wish we had a golf galaxy close to me. I've video'd my swing and had other experienced players look at it and provide guidance. My biggest problem is the ability to re-create the swing on a consistent basis.
  2. Bare with me here...I've been playing for a while, but this summer I've really gotten much more into my golf game, and practice/play usually at least 5 times a week now. I currently have Cleveland CG4 irons that I got used about 3 years ago, they're older irons but have treated me well. My game is pretty inconsistent, and I have shot anywhere from a 78-94 this summer (a terrible discrepancy I know). I have a Burner Superfast 9.5 degree driver stiff, which I don't even use because I have no confidence in it. I tee off with a 3 wood or iron on every hole other than par 5's. My question to more experienced players would be: To take my game to the next level, should I look for irons that will give me more consistent distances/trajectories, a new driver, or even bite the bullet and take those expensive golf lessons? I'm only 22 years old so money plays a factor, but I am willing to save up if I can improve my game. I've grown to love this game very quickly, and want to enjoy it as much as possible!! Thanks for any input, and sorry for being long-winded.