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  1. Iv been using a 60g Aldila RIP stiff shaft on my Titleist 910 driver and works just fine for me. I went to a club fitter and using flightscope they could only get me 10 extra yards on my own driver using a Fujikura 55g F1 Motore x stiff shaft. What is the difference, the x stiff is 5g lighter than my stiff shaft so why would an x stiff be better suited? (I ordered a Taylormade RBZ in the Fujikura since that shaft gives me 10 yards and the RBZ is also longer than the 910)
  2. What do you guys think? I got custom fitted and the clubs are fantastic but i do take the club a bit too far inside on my backswing, if i got lessons to fix this would it affect my new clubs ir will it make no difference?
  3. Hey folks, Im a 5 handicapper and I have known for a long time that my chipping, pitching and bunker shots are more of a 15 handicap standard, I mean they are so far behind the rest of my game its almost unbelievable. I know I need to improve to lower my handicap because I am being severely tormented by this. I practice for hours every week (over 8 hours a week) but never improve, i practice using different clubs around the green, drop 4 balls in various areas around the green etc basically tried everything in my power but just cant get better and this hurts my confidence. I bought Phil Mickelson's short game DVD last April and use his hinge and hold technique which seems to work a little better. In competition I can't seem to bring what I have practiced with me to the course and costs me at least 4 shots a round (so frustrating!!!) I know i fluff chips often from decelleration, I sometimes shank and blade too (I know the causes of this)!! I just don't know what to do, perhaps a short game lesson of a professional is the only remedy.. Can anyone shed some light on the issue who has had similar experiences? I am really ambitious and feel as if I have enough potential to reach a scratch handicap but not unless I sort this huge problem out. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hey everyone, Last week I went to a Callaway Demo Day at my local driving range and was given the specs for the Razr x forged irons, 1 degree upright and Dynamic Gold S300 shafts (I have not ordered yet). My question is should i purchase these "fitted" irons or book an appointment with the top club makers in Ireland. They are Foregolf and make clubs from scratch after doing a full bag fitting with many different brands to check out (not just Callaway like my demo day experience). Is there much or any difference between what I was fitted with Callaway last week or should I get these clubs made specifically for me at Foregolf? Here's their website if you guys are interested... http://foregolf.ie/
  5. Hey guys, So my club's matchplay is being played soon and I would like some help on how to improve my chances of winning my matches. I'll be honest my matchplay success rate is not good!! I wonder why because I'm straight and long off the tee, my putting is good and so is my ball striking so I would regard myself as a solid player (I'm a 5 handicap) so how do i lose so many matches? I love matchplay, I see it as the purest form of golf and I'm very competitive. I think I try so hard to win that it affects my game and therefore hurts my chances. Any tips would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance. Barry.
  6. Hey everyone thanks for all the replies from my first thread it was great seeing all the ideas and took all that advice on board. To recap I'm a 5 handicap and have been since I was 17, however I am 22 now and have not lowered my handicap since which is very frustrating (I took a break from golf for 3 years and got back playing in April). I am very pleased with my driving, ball striking and putting, however chipping, pitching, lob shots and bunker play just never seem to improve and I do spend most of my practice time on these weaknesses I do not neglect them but I am becoming desperate because I know it is really holding me me back from becoming a better player. When I work on my short game only my putting seems to improve and not the rest, I duff a lot of my chips etc which cost me shots in my round. Any advice or drills in this area would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi I'm new to this forum my name is Barry from Ireland. I'm 22 but I've been playing off a 5 handicap since I was 17 years old and have not moved on to the next level. I took a hiatus from the game for 3 years and have started playing a lot since April and am pleased with my quick progress. However I can never seem to get to 4 it always seems to be out of reach. Any help would be appreciated. I am straight off the tee, 270 yards average, my ball striking is as good as a 5 handicap should be and I have a good putting stroke. I just need advice on how I can lower my handicap because 5 years ago I could not see myself being off the same handicap and it's frustrating. Thank You.
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