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  1. I play the Callaway Hex black Tour Xouts for $25 a dozen (less when they are on sale). I'll play Prov1 Xouts or logos for $30 a dozen. There is no reason to spend $20/dozen on DT rocks imo There is a difference, I can tell and it's enough to make me spend a few buck more to have the better ball.
  2. This new BS with every Sports talk, Golf Channel, ESPN dope worrying about someone's LEGACY is a waste of time. THey did it with Lebron, Kobe, Tiger, Mickelson, Eli, Peyton, Tom Brady you name it. HOW LEBRON PLAYS IN GAME 3 WILL FOREVER IMPACT HIS LEGACY!!!!! Tigger's Saturday in Augusta will impact his legacy!!!! Come on man. Let the guy be great. We have forever to worry about how great he was. To speculate on that today or try to play up the importance of nano-seconds for ratings is dull.
  3. I just won my golf league and the day's dogfight after a Triple, Bogey, Double start. I birdied 2 holes and shot my version of a good score (88). It would have been easy to 3 jack every green and lose focus. I just tried to remain calm, swing easy, remember MY swing keys and have a good time. You need some mental queues to help you in these spots.
  4. I have never much liked bubba and I am not surprised he'd be a bit of a baby after mishitting a 9I into the drink. A little perspective though, my man still top 5'd the event and cashed a big check. The whole line about not showing up is more insulting to me than the caddy stuff. My man has too much money and not enough sense.
  5. I think this is largely player dependent. I shot around my handicap in brutal windy cold weather all winter. I'm crushing my golf league playing partners because of this. I hit the ball consistantly poor regardless of wind, I can put and hit wedges pretty good though. As a result of my style of play and my attitude (bad weather doesn't bother me as much as it does others) I am not beat up by the wind as much as most people seem to be. I lost 1 stroke on my handicap over the winter, playing every weekend. That's probably as much due to my inability to play more and practice as it was the
  6. A few I can think of this "year". Playing in my Sunday Dogfight I've parred (great 4 iron and then 2 putt) and Bogeyed 18 ( after a poor drive, chipped out and hit a good 9i and then 2 putt) to win the money. More recently I drove my ball left behind a tree at Championsgate National in FL. I had 167 left to the hole and hit a giant cut 5I to 8ft. It was beautiful. I also holed out for birdie from 80 yards on the toughest hole on our course. That won me some sammie $ :)
  7. I hate them. No spin at all, though they travel a good ways.
  8. I'm heading to myrtle end of May to play the with, the wizard and Man O War. We were trying to play budget golf and mix kn some interesting golf for the price :)
  9. Buy whatever you can afford comfortably. I personally think Used balls should be mandatory for a high cap prone to losing a bunch of balls. As for getting a ball that "flies straight", barf. Get a ball that is consistent and bites on the green. Build a better swing and learn to like shaping shots. Very few golfers (even tour pros) hit the ball "straight". Buy used NXT Tours, Anything TM high end, Provs Prov1x, Xouts etc.
  10. I read some painful reviews on the AMP hybrids. I play AMP irons and 3w but the Hybrids get very unforgiving reviews.
  11. Thats great that you found the right club for you! I was actually going to recommend the AMP! I have the 3w and it's the most consistent club I've ever hit. My buddy bought one because I hit mine so good and followed up with the driver! Great clubs imo.
  12. I've played about 40 rounds since March and that doesn't count my combined scores when I get 9 holes in after work during the week. Which is somewhere north of 25. Just because YOU can't make the time to play or have a supportive wife who encourages you to play doesn't mean everyone else can't. If you don't like Obama's politics that's fine. You should still be able to see through this ridiculous "attack" by Romney.
  13. Tiger, Kuchar, DJ and Luke Donald look best to me with the nod going to El Tigre because he had 3 wins. Rory had a sick year too and should be discussed because of the big wins. Overall a very good year for a lot of guys.
  14. I will not be answering this question because that means I'd have to think about it. I did buy new irons, a 3w a wedge and $2200 on a country club. Ugh.
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