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  1. I think it is very unlikely that a player playing for 1 year can reach scratch. I have been playing seriously for the last 5 years and currently play off a 12.3 handicap. The last year, my handicap hasn't changed and I want to reach the next level (i.e single figures!). What tips do you guys have for getting to this target?? I know that my short game is weak and I am currently addressing the problem by spending much of my practice time on chipping, pitching and putting. My current stats are as follows: putts /round = 33.3 scrambling = 39% GIR = 9/18 FIR = 57%
  2. Tiger is the man!! He has a sounder swing (not that that matters too much at that level) He intimidates his opponents at the top of the leaderboard like Jack did. He sinks as many( if not more) clutch putts as Jack. He has reached the same number of Major titles in less years than Jack.
  3. My home course is at www.blundellshill.co.uk It is a really testing parkland course with many hazards. The greens are in tremendous condition.
  4. I'm a doctor in the UK. It is true what they say, nearly all doctors play golf!!! I've been playing for 10 years and currently stuck on a 12 handicap.