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  1. Like many of us I played multiple sports in school and after. High school: I received a Div 1 football scholarship Played outfield on State champion baseball team Wrestled 174 lb. class and finished 3rd in state sophomore yr. After college I ran around with a car racing crowd and was in Sports illustrated, Feb. 1974, working the pits at the 24 hrs of Daytona. I met Carroll Shelby at Road Atlanta and Richard Petty at Talladega speedway one morning. As of late, I was on tv in a few team photographs in "The Color Orange", which is a story of Condredge Holloway, 1st colored QB in Div 1 at Tenn.. He and I were teammates during high school. Play golf often and carry a single digit handicap. Started playing Pickleball this Jan. and plan to play in some local tournaments. This is a GREAT sport for us ole farts and young-uns too.
  2. I had the SM c-130 for the last 6 yrs and it was great. Plenty of room but a little heavy. The shaft liners wore out and begin to come loose and snag the grips when getting a club out.I bought the ping pioneer this past Winter and like it. Lots of room and pockets It seems much lighter than the SM. A feature I really like is that it has a zipper inside one of the large pockets that lets U get to the inside of the bag...if U dropped something down the bag U wouldn't have to dump your clubs to retrieve it. The only con is the single ring for towels. I simply bought a hard metal ring about 2" diameter and secured it to one of the blue handles, ( my bag is grey and blue), with a piece of velcro . It has worked well for me.
  3. Going to St. Ausgustine area in May. Plan to play the following three and maybe the Ocean course at Hammock Beach. Looking forward to the trip and a visit to the World Golf Hall of Fame Palencia Golf Club Slammer & Squire King and Bear
  4. ................at 1:00 in the morning, (last call), they're all HOT! Anyone need a ride home ....?
  5. one of my local shops have a couple of hard cases that they rent out. Also may find used ones on craig's list. Have a Safe trip.
  6. Playing in Fl one vacation day and came over a little rise in the fairway and saw 4 guys squared off and swinging clubs at each other.I played thru and kept going. Last week in our league, my team's C&D; players, with C player being an a** most of the time, the 2 C players almost came to blows, resulting in our C player being asked to leave the league and our D player was so fed up that he just quit ! I don't get that wrapped up with little things since the 1970ties.....just consider the source and go on. Goooooood Day
  7. " Cool towel", range finder,magic marker, umbrella,rain suit when needed and........a small self defense weapon. Always prepared !
  8. swing with good tempo and get use to the extra distance........
  9. I hit the Titleist nxt most of the time.I tried the prov1x but found I lost 5 to10 yds. on shots. I have hit the Penta and liked them too. Hit a few Srixon, but they were to hard to find .......
  10. My 1st set of clubs lasted about 10 yrs. Most of those yrs. they stayed in the trunk of my Camaro if not in use and I didn't play every week back then. One day I hit my PW and felt something hit me in the back.I turned and looked around and saw nothing....no body, no ball, nothing. My partner came up and said "it's your shaft ." It had broken apart up in the grip and the clubhead hit me in the back. The club still looked good until U put leverage on it, then it would bend in the grip. Soooooooooo.........the yrs of humidity, I guess, had gotten in and rusted the inside of my shafts. After cutting them apart, most all of them showed some rust on the inside. After I started paying for equipment, I started keeping them in the garage, but now they do find in my SUV. .....North Alabama
  11. work for LARGE company,100k+ world wide, but I only have 543 of them to make happy. We run the shew with support for phones,it,facilities,a/v......and anything else that is a show stopper ! All in one 6 flr bldg. thank goodness, except that I can't go down the hall without a " Hey....I need bla bla bla." My response "put in a request. " and most won't follow up. Trade: 25yr construction,maintenance electrician........much more enjoyable work, but the body can't do it anymore day in and day out. Hell I barely can play to days in a row .....but I'll still go, any chance i get.
  12. 59 yr old playin, since I was 9 yr old. Driver 280 Have had accurately measured, 345 yd (long drive contest in 1995) and 425 yd (hole was 415 and I drove over the green, LARGE tail wind, 1971) drives 3W 230 An ole bubble shafted generic $50 club from early 1990ties 3H 215-220 Cobra baffler 4H 195-210 Cobra baffler 5H 175-185 Cobra baffler 5i ? Mizuno MP52 used mostly for raking ball out of trouble, seldom used. May drop it and get another wedge 6i 160-170 M 52 7i 150-160 M 52 8i 145-150 M 52 9i 130-135 M 52 PW 100-125 M 52 GW 75-95 Cleveland SW 50-75 Cleveland So .....does this help your game? If it does yur worrying to much about what others do....play YOUR game. I know someone that brags that he can hit his PW 160 yds......soooooo, I can hit my 6i that far and it still only counts one stroke, just like the crushed pw. Beat the course and U will beat alot of people. Happy 4th of July Everyone ......play well and often
  13. i was down to a 5 hcp , hitting the ball real good and BAM............both 80+yr old parents had strokes within 10 days of one another ! i will spend much time with them for the rest of theirs. Live every moment guys........shed the little things. i will be back......
  14. worked for the city "Parks and Playgrounds" for a Summer being bored, and we made a 5 hole golf course around the ball fields. We would hit baseballs sitting on the ground with a bat. After a few days of this I started thinking about how similar the swing was to a real golf swing and started working on hitting it straight with bat and developed what I have today.......or the 1st version of it .....{8^ ]
  15. Hate that yur bud got burned....but I bought a "Tom Mann Burner" ( bubble shaft copy) for $40, close to 15 years ago and it is the best club in my bag ! So there are some good fake clubs, just don't want to pay the brand name $ for them.
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