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  1. During the off-season we we bought my seven-year old daughter a set of Ping Moxies, and WOW! If you have a very junior golfer, this set is amazing. For last season we just used a homemade set, but on the range, if anything, she likes the way hving a "normal set" looks. I think I paid about $200 for all the clubs (w/bag), and they should be fine until she hits 5-foot in about four years. Just really impressed with them. cy
  2. Ummmmm...kidding, no. I love my sandals during the summer here and in Hawaii and AZ. I have to blow them dry at the turn if I hit traps. I was just curious if anyone else wore them. cy
  3. Anyone else play in sandals? I use the Footjoys. I'm just curious.
  4. I have to second the hitting the stiff part of the flag and ricocheting off to trouble. But my second is playing in a scramble and being 285-yards or so out on a long par-5, downhill, and hitting a driver. It was a great shot. That plunked the guy putting near the hole in the leg! DOH! Honestly I didn't think I could reach it. But it was a scramble and we already had a ball within a hundred yards, so I got to swing away. They were cool about it, though, and knew I got lucky. But it is still my most out of my arse driver off the fairway I've ever hit, and probably ever well. cy
  5. Our club is hosting an am-major next year and they want caddies for the kids. Anyone ever done this? I know the course, like the back of my hand, but I'll basically get linked up with some stranger for a week. If I say I want to be a caddy, what am I committing to? cy
  6. I play golf almost everyday, and I tell myself about 36 times, "Don't do anything stupid." Phil was stupid on 18. cy
  7. Boobs could have glided in for the landing. Remind me never to fly with him. Didn't we all absolutely cringe after watching him pull his drives all day when he yanked it out of the bag on 18? He could have hit three irons and been putting for par. Nothing from Ogilvy (geeze, he did just win a major). e
  8. I was bored in Detroit at a conference and I caught that article about a contest in Golf Magazine: What's the most creative thing you can create out of golf balls, golf tees and peanut butter. Within an hour on the cell phone I had 3,000 former range balls, 3,000 tees and 50 pounds of peanut butter (all donated) and a teacher who was crazy enough to let about 50 high school kids try and pull it off. In all, we had about 15 entries...well, attempts at entries...some of it just ended up a big mess. So, today after school, students spent up to five hours creating their "art." I posted th
  9. Did anyone else see the story in Golfweek about the PGA Tour Superstore World Amateur taking away the title from the apparent winner? They took two things into account it sounds like: a USGA probabality scale and the fact he hadn't posted in two months. But his answer was pretty cool: "It's a good feeling to shoot a couple of days of good scores, but I understand where they're coming from. I'll try to go back down next year and do it again." Even though I suck...my first thought was to grab all those cards and get them posted. My second thought...what the heck is a probability scale? Isn
  10. Are you the member of any national private athletic club or golf club? Just a thought. The concierge at my athletic club has hooked me up with some pretty cool golfing times on business trips over the years. As a single. But I don't remember paying more than $200 in that area at the private clubs.
  11. I was just scooching around the internet on a holiday-weekend morning, and I saw that a club I belong to is officially listed at one prominent golf course site as having 61-70 bunkers. Which made me chuckle, because I've visited them all, I'm sure, but I never thought to count them, either. I can just see the caddies or a junior pro in the pro shop debating how many they had and saying, "61-70," to the person asking the question. What I really suspect is someone filled out a profile and marked the "61-70" box for that question. So I went out to count them today. Pretty dang accurate descri
  12. Fluff getting too big for his britches with Tiger.
  13. Yeah, I know the rules and I still was called on them a couple of years ago because of something "like" this. In the end, of course, I called myself on the next tee (no one said a thing to that point) because I had the book with me. Cost me 58 bucks. Call it a total brain fart. People get on my case because I play better than my handicap. But I also play by the rules and have no problem calling anything on myself that breaks those rules. Or, just completely playing my rounds by the rules of golf. Yep, I have a high handicap, but that's just the way my swings play. eric
  14. Wouldn't using a GPS during a posted round be against the rules? cy
  15. How do I make it quit emailing me everytime someone posts on a thread I posted on? eric
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