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  1. Amendment is just an analogy, I never asked for an uprising. Pointing out the fact how childish it is to kick someone out of a sand box because I don't like his toys. If he acted this way in real life I'm sure I'd have fun going toe to toe. Just silly things people do when the hide behind a computer. I'm mocking this dictatorship, which happens to be a PUBLIC forum.
  2. I see that the 1st amendment does not apply here. In a forum of what seemed educated and passionate people its obvious we're only allowed to express our opinions if they don't differ with the site moderators point of view. I did not use profanity, I was not racist, nor did I violate any of the terms of any agreement, nor the rules of this forum. I was blocked from posting, my tapatalk disabled along with being called names by this person. I like this forum and find it relaxing to read the daily musings of a sport I love. I guess I need to step in line and be forced to agree with him. I was wro
  3. Dont know if all have the same problem, here's a pic of what I have and is described as tennis/golfers elbow... I'm going on 9 months and breaks, massages and hot cold therapy doesn't seem to help... Oh well, more of a nuicance.
  4. Most who used this putter KNEW it was different, and took advantage of it, how is that different then now illegal long distance balls?, or wedge grooves?, nothing other then the timing of the ruling. If your upset go whine at that....Like the foot wedge u can continue to do and use what u want, just don't compete with the gimmickey thing.... Like I've said before, and most opinions before me... It's not and shouldn't be part of the game. Like your swing, its something your gonna have to work on..
  5. 910 is the same thing, minus new red stripes....and $250 cheaper. Get the 913 head cover and nobody would know the difference except your wallet.
  6. I beg to differ, Apple's marketing is the clear leader in this field. Apple blaming other companies of having the same problem was false, most phones don't have the metal frame which causes the phone to lose reception when grounded by the hand. I hare to hate, but I despise Apple. Their proprietary ways will be their undoing, mark my words. All of their products (with the exception of the first iPhone) have been repackaged and remarketed so that untech-savvy Apple following zombies hailed there products as the next comming of Christ. The tablet computer has been out for almost 20yrs!! Apple re
  7. Sorry, I meant to follow up with asking if people felt guilty keeping secrets... I play 18 hole Wailua Beach Golf course for $7.50. Pic is of a private resort/course called Kukui'ula, which held the us open qualifiers in June, $35 and they even carried my clubs from and to my car. Didn't want to sound like I was bragging, more 'Fortunate and feeling Guilty', with a hint of crowd paranoia...
  8. Once had a friend hit a low 155yrd 5iron with wind at our back.. he proceeded to follow up with a pitching wedge with the same swing, and same result...both on the green...
  9. Nothing.. I just like being around a lot of new golf stuff. :-)
  10. I happened to have golfed one of the nicest courses I've ever played. I also play what has to be one of the best deals on the planet (different course)...I find myself wanting to share but once again the shelfish part of me doesn't want to share due to the fact that the deals I'm getting are because nobody knows about them... If I do share I feel they will no longer be available, or more difficult to obtain... Here's a glimpse[IMG]http://img.tapatalk.com/d/12/11/27/y2egu2uz.jpg[/IMG]
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and thankful, especially today... But whos idea was it to create a show following old dried up geezers on some cross country trip while they whine and waddle in an RV...zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... I could create a better show just leaving a camera on the first tee for free...
  12. Exact same thing here, I've had mine since July... Most I've gone without playing is two weeks and its not going away. But knowing what things aggravate it helps, I know how to avoid it... I don't hold the club in my right hand alone either when idle..(right handed). Ibuprofen before playing helps a little...
  13. Ball being held by a few blades of grass on the top edge of an upsloping sandtrap next to the green... No way to get good contact, so I had to run up the slope and skull it to get it on the green...
  14. hanalei


    Personally I use skydroid its simple and I have personally remapped my entire golf course on their website. I've used almost every free golf GPS app available on the android and they all use the same GPS coordinates unless it was personally edited by a user. I live in Hawaii and after checking the maps on different apps, they all had a deviation of 25yds east on pin placements, dunno if the island shifted but it made me aware that all GPS apps use the same maps. Having said that, all GPS apps have the same accuracy depending on how well it was mapped. Some apps have more features then others,
  15. I think the focus was how the money was spent. Bush like his dad spent it on international offensives, I.e. Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.... Obama spent it on keeping our economy afloat because of greedy traders, and keeping American Auto Industry alive..I prefer the later.
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