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  1. The best Classic and Legendary Irons

    MP-33 are also very good :)
  2. which irons do u think r a classic and legendary of all times pick 3 pls. I say: 1. MP-32 2. Ping Eye 2 3. Titleist 660 & 695mb :)
  3. Best looking irons? Have your say.

    ill say 695mb then MP-32 and then MP-67 just cant go wrong with these :) wait also the Tit 660mb
  4. I agree having different options is great but bad at the same time. The real problem with golf is a person must be consistant to b a good play and by having all differnt kind of clubs and look most likley will take a bit longer to get use to it. I like to play same brand im not meaning all my clubs ex if i have Tit irons i will have tit wedges just o have the consistant look same goes with woods in my case i like tit also. So being consistant is what makes a better golfer thats what thing but some people just like to have a bit of every pie :) ummm pie
  5. 905r vs. 907 D2

    905R is still one of the best drivers out there its a classic its all around a great driver. What makes it cool is its 460cc but does not look it. great club cant go wrong. As far for the D2 it ok noting special just another driver titleist did not do it best job here. what set-up r u looking im planning to get another maybe with UST shaft good luck
  6. Titleist

    Titleist is the best golf brand all around yes other brands might have a some catagories that r better than titleist like Tm has drivers and Tit has golf balls, putters and so. but if u look at all around produce of titleist they are always compiting with the leaders so i say YES they r the best what other brand can say that that has a great range of products the only one that comes close is TM
  7. Titleist

    i just think they r the most complete company in golf that has a great amount of people playing their equipment in each catagory from driver to putter. Than an other company that all when i say bench mark most companies r trying to follow tit in that regards but there other companies like tm and ping that just do things different and the reason for that is bc they found their mkt. just from what people play in # tit is #1 and i will say Tm is #2.
  8. Titleist

    i agree w/ the last 2 post it might be the best for me and it shows and i understand that other people will think other brands r better i understand but what im saying there is always bench mark and that is titleist for the most part. i know they r not the best in each catagory but they are one top of many and very close to others. but just the over all equipment and stats that refelx that. yes each peson will say this is the beat driver or so on but what im saying is they r the best all around brand that is more complete in each face of eqipment making them above the others. yes golf is all about feel different people will feel different things with different clubs but from the stats and golfers titleist is tops in golf. just bc i play titleist doesnt mean i dont like or feel other brands r good or better. i do not like my 3wood i perfer tm in that catagory. and with irons it between tit and mizzy i just pick tit bc how the line up and look sq but i like the feel oof mizzy bit better. So i understand what u guys r saying :)
  9. Titleist

    i agree with some of ur post but i real life there is always one product is better than the other and the other products are always trying to memic or bring it down. like Tiger a lot of people want to be like hime and try to use his equipment and so on or BMW 3 many car man. have set that as a standard. i feel the same way with Titleist they might not have every cata. as the best but they do have a couple under there belt and so of these other brands dont if i have to play an other of top 3 it would be Tit., TM, Mizzy i thing u will agree with me;) o by the way tiger did play Tit for a lonf while till Nike bought himout but he still uses Tit putter :)
  10. Titleist

    ya u can say that too but any one who is a golf fan knows titleist is one of the top brands out there u can even say its the best if not the 2nd. what they make and quality and rep they have with the golfer is far higher then any other brand. they might not be the best brand in every catagory but they do have a lot of catagories that they r the best. im just going of stats with no opinions everyone is different and that y there are other brands
  11. Titleist

    when i comes to golf equipment no one beats Titleist. they have the best ball, putters, and sandwages. in the case with irons they are 2nd on tour as well for there woods. Now for the driver they are also 2nd on tour very close to TM. If u have seen the TM commcercial when the mention they are the leading driver in tour and combinning Cal., Nike, ping, Cleve. do not make up the same amount of # of just TM played on tour. in thar commercial they left out Tit b/c they now they r in close 2nd. So if Titleist is in every catagory no less then 2nd they must be doing something right and if you go the the titleist web site and look under equipment they show u the stats for every yr where the place in equipment in all the tours, pro am's, and so on :)