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  1. Jamesrh


  2. Jamesrh

    Drink of choice on the course?

    Gatorade or Powerade blue if available. I will take two out with me and refill with water if necessary.
  3. Jamesrh

    What car do you have?

    1996 Toyota Corolla. Not a sexy car by any stretch but I have not had a payment in 8 years and get nearly 40 mpg so no complaints here.
  4. Jamesrh

    Favorite Beer?

    I drink Samuel Adams most of the time. I do like to try different brews from time to time. I will be stopping by the Alaskan Brewing company on my trip to Alaska this summer and plan on trying a few of their selections.
  5. Jamesrh

    Which ball do you use? or prefer?

    Have been using NXT tour for about a month now. I like the distance I get with them and the feel around the green.
  6. Jamesrh

    Do you guys play in light rain?

    I will play in light to moderate rain as long as there isn't any lightning. I love to play just after a rain.
  7. Jamesrh

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work on the assembly line at the Toyota plant in KY.

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