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  1. I have two old 588 wedges. Are they U, V, or square grooves? I want to re-groove them, but want to make sure I am right. Thanks
  2. Ebay is usually a good spot, but shipping nails you lately. I bought this one for $9, but shipping was another $8.
  3. Here is the first update on my TPM 1 refinishing project. I soaked it in a can of coke and then sanded by hand up to 600 grit. I also used some acetone to get the paint out so I can redo the lettering. I will probably go one more level on the sanding and then buff. Then I am thinking about a oil can finish (some 10w30 and 2 cycle mixture.) Here is the latest pic. I like the raw look, but I think it will rust out in the summer conditions.
  4. Hey, I was hoping you guys would like to start a thread that show some putters you have refinished. Especially the old TP Mills putters. I just got into the habit and its VERY addicting! Here is the putter I started with. I will send you updates as I go along. Please do the same. I would love to see them!
  5. Wow, amazing post. Thanks. I think I am leaning toward a Louisville Smart series driver. The are pricey, but the shaft and length options upon purchase are a nice feature.
  6. Are there any companies other than Louisville Golf still manufacturing persimmon clubs?
  7. After a long winter, I am really just chomping at the bit for some new (or in this case old) clubs!
  8. I think I may give one a try once we break 30 degrees in Syracuse, NY!!
  9. I think Tiger's persimmon is the Classic 50's model made by Louisville golf. Neat.
  10. Does anyone own an over-sized persimmon driver (250cc or so.) I was thinking about getting one from Louisville golf, but wanted some feedback first. Any thoughts? Anybody have one they want to get rid of?
  11. I was blocking the ball right. The pull hook came into play after I got pissed off and changed my swing to try to correct it. Turns out my swing plane was fine, but my shoulder turn was wimpy causing by hips to clear way before my hands (hence the block.)
  12. What does a higher kick point actually do? Does that make it feel like a stiffer shaft? I think I have a fairly smooth swing. I was almost considering a rifled 6.0 steel shaft. Who knows. I have all winter to figure it out!
  13. I was wondering how those golfers living in seasonal states stay tuned up throughout the winter. I live just south of Oswego, NY. We got 144 inches of snow in seven days last year. Winter can be tough and its hard to maintain good golf form throughout, and trips to Golf Galaxy everyday might get a little bizzare. Any advice?
  14. I have always wondered if I needed a stiffer shaft on my driver. I went to Golf Galaxy and my swing speed was about 105. Does that warrant an x-stiff shaft?
  15. I am thinking about putting together a set of persimmon woods for the heck of it. What are the biggest and best "real" wood clubs still available?
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