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  1. Wife had our 3rd child on 8/18, so I hadn't played since 8/16 - so about 5 weeks. Played Bethpage Red on Saturday and shot 42-41 and Bethpage Blue on Sunday and shot 44-42. Played ok on Saturday with a couple of 7s on the card for an 83. Yesterday only hit 5 fairways. Anyway, played on Saturday with a guy from California. He spent the night in his car, played the Black on Saturday morning and then had a cart with us for a 2pm tee on the Red. We were all singles in a foursome - myself and the two other guys were locals. We chatted him up about his first trip around the Black - "I was in
  2. Jack wasn't exactly the most physically fit guy during his career - he carried an extra 20-25 pounds throughout his career - which had to have helped him hit a bit of a wall as he approached 40.
  3. This has more to do with Nike now having the bit of an upper hand with Tiger - "We're the only sponsor that has stood by you. Time for you to give us a little something here and put this in the bag." That's exactly what happened. Azinger made a comment on Friday or yesterday that, "Nike has been trying to get that putter in Tiger's bag for more than a year." Huh - a year ago, Tiger had no off-course issues. I see he went back to the old one today. Makes no sense for him to make that change. I'd bet my 401k it had more to do with him appeasing Nike.
  4. Really? He has them by the shorthairs? Maybe a year ago he did. They're the only major sponsor to stick with Tiger - I don't think it is a coincidence that he was using that putter this week. Though he was back to the old putter today.
  5. Anyone think Nike has Tiger by the shorthairs with this new Method putter he is using? Nike is his lone source of major off-course income. Averaging 33 putts per round (32, 32, 35). Crazy he makes that change the week of a major - even if he says he liked the way it comes off "hotter" which he said helps with the slower greens in Scotland. 15+ years, nearly $100 million in earings, 14 majors with the Titleist/Scotty.
  6. Me too. I watched it. Some of the girls hit some clutch shots. Better than watching the Fanau (sp?) brothers act like a couple of infants.
  7. Played with the guys from the office and shot a nice, steady 82 on Bethpage Blue. Had two great shots - the first was 2nd on a par 5 with about 205 to the hole, hit a real nice 4-hybrid off a downhill lie to 8 feet (missed the eagle putt). The second was on a short, dogleg par 4. Hit a 5-wood off the tee through the fairway. Ball was in a good lie from 140, but in some spotty rough nearly in the woods. Had a tree about 40 yards in front of me - too high to go over, but enough room under the branches to hit a laser. Played the ball off the back foot with an 8-iron, stayed down on the bal
  8. I'm 230-240 off the tee. Shot 82 on Bethpage Blue yesterday. Probably should have been a 77.
  9. soup

    Choke or not???

    I think what Johnson did is the exact definintion of a choke. Multiple shot lead and you shoot 82, while everyone else is shooting 74 and 75? Now, had Dustin Johnson shot 69, but Graeme went out and shot 65 to beat him by a shot - that's not really a choke. Dustin had to shoot 76 to win. At least Dustin got it over with quickly.
  10. Actually, I think I was reading yesterday that many of the hole locations will be within just a few feet of each other all 4 days because they've dried out the greens too much and there are no other fair locations. USGA at its finest. I just heard one of the USGA flunkies use the term "corrective watering" 6 different times in an answer to a single question. The greens look atrocious and it's only Thursday afternoon.
  11. Who knows if the handicap's of these participants are in the neighborhood of a 10. I played Bethpage Black with a group of out of towners/clients last Friday. They were all guys who do well to shoot 95 on their home courses - one guy was a scratch golfer according to the group. He shot 91 from the whites. I'm a 10-12 and shot a nice, crisp 88.
  12. 44-44 on Bethpage Black yesterday from the whites. Pretty decent day. Four 3-putts hurt.
  13. Played Bethpage Black for the first time this season and got my arse kicked. Played about 7 rounds so far this year - 4 on a trip to Florida in April and 3 on a trip to Ocean City two weeks ago. Had a low of 78 on one of the PGA National courses in West Palm on the last day after rounding into form the first 3 days and was in the low-to-mid 80s in Ocean City. 48-46 for a 94 from the whites on The Black. Missing too many fairways and finding the sand a little too often. I did birdie one hole that I had yet to birdie on The Black over about 25 rounds over the years - par 4 5th hole - later
  14. soup

    Big Break Disney

    Gipper: "Just give me the opportunity to send him (Andrew) home...and I will....................as long as Tony can be inside the ropes."
  15. soup

    Big Break Disney

    Catching up on the last couple of episodes tonight. Can someone get Gipper a lollipop, a sanitary napkin and a Xanax? Jesus what an insecure kid. And his brother is douche. Just disrespected Kevin. The Finaus have no respect for anyone. Kevin's stepped up to the plate a heck of a lot more than Gipper and Tony - he's got half their game, but twice their sack. Andrew is tough to take - he's obnoxious - but if there is a guy out of these clowns I needed in a match, it's him.....and you know what, he respects the other guys.
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