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  1. I was given a sleeve of B330's by a salesmen during an outing at work and fell in love (well, maybe just lust lol). I can't say they're longer than anything else, but they just 'feel' right when I hit them. I've been playing them ever since. In a month or two I'll probably switch back to my previous ball, TaylorMade TP Red's .....they feel a lot softer to me during the colder months...
  2. I just dropped a 53* in my bag for the 110-115 range that I've been struggling with all season. I've got a HUGE gap between my SW and PW that I just can't seem to hit by feel. After a day at the range and 2x on the course I'm feeling fairly confident that this club will fit the bill nicely.
  3. Ditto.... Rule 21: ... A ball on the putting green may be cleaned when lifted under rule 16-1b. Elsewhere, a ball may be cleaned when lifted except when it has been lifted: a) to determine if it is unfit for play (rule 5-3) b) for identification (rule 12-2) in which case it may be cleaned only to the extent necessary for identification c) because it was assisting or interfering with play (rule 22) .....