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  1. When I try to hit any kind of cut, I just try and feel the ball stick on the clubface longer when I strike it.
  2. Finally, able to polish the swing changes.
  3. i think watching a senior tour event will answer your question
  4. one thing i must say is that you cant expect two cast "gi" irons top sound like a forged one
  5. lol i love the blurred out g10s and big berthas....im planning on some mp 62's next year
  6. one of the best posts ive ever seen lol
  7. this was probably the most ridiculous thing i have ever laid my eyes on. Golf has taught me more than 100 years of school ever could
  8. i love the one tour i like it over the pro v
  9. Personally i think 4,10 and 15 are the toughest holes on the course (i caddy here)
  10. people need to learn how to take responsibility for themselves instead of looking for handouts.
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