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  1. Kaivai

    Driver fitting

    Ive been golfing for a few years now. I consider myself to be a decent golfer. I'm a 15 handicap. I've always been skeptical of having a fitting when purchasing clubs. I'm a pretty good golfer I can figure this out on my own. Boy, was I wrong. A manufacturer had a demo day at the course I played today. I spent about 20 minutes trying different shafts,heads, and lofts. What worked best was a flex, shaft, and loft I never would have considered on my own. Added 20 to 25 yards consistently with no change in my swing. I was shocked. I am now a fitting convert and will use on my next club purchases.
  2. Kaivai

    Reputable Online Wholesalers

    i can second 3ballsgolf.com. ive bought two sets of clubs from them, both were better condition than described. prices were good.
  3. if i ever find out that god has anything to do with sporting events i am going to be pissed

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