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  1. I like 18 but I often play 9's once a week as my practice time since I not a range rat and then mostly only practice pitching, chipping and putting. I don't goof around when playing 9's but rather get a small bucket's worth of a real game with real shots on real grass.
  2. If you aren't used to walking it could be just the lifting or your bag. If you only have or use one strap that can be an issue too. A dual strap backpack type harness is best for walkers who don't use a push/pull cart. Maybe yours is too low or too high. Right above the butt seems to be the ideal point. I'd look at dehydration as well. Once it hits the 70's I usually go through three 16 oz bottles of water and 32 oz of gatorade and I usually drink water beforehand. Get into the 80's and 90's and it's 4 water bottles, gatorade and often something at the turn as well.
  3. Rule 13.2 is a multiple response rule intended to cover the vast majority of issues that might come up with Ball Played as It Lies. If he still is not satisfied with the answers therein refer him to Section I: Etiquette "The Spirit of the Game." If that still doesn't do it ask the USGA and when they give what I believe will be the answer it would be smart for your opponent to knock it off or possibly be labelled a cheater because that's what it is plain and simple. There's nothing wrong with using a small already present undulation or sand discoloration as a reference where to hit fat while in a bunker. Tapping ones foot 3 inches behind it isn't on the list as acceptable.
  4. Unless you are Kenny Perry it's a penalty. Regarding stones in bunkers there's a provision in Appendix I page 101 and 110 to allow local rules which let players remove stones from bunkers before hitting for safety reasons. If you aren't sure assume no local rule and play the ball as it lies.
  5. One that I see routinely violated in the Pacific Northwest is relief from casual water. Especially in winter the courses are soft to say the least but unless the ball or stance is in casual water or it "percolates" up when you take your stance you have to play it where it lies. Mushy ground does not in and of itself define casual water. For a lateral water hazard? Doesn't 26.1-c cover it so it doesn't have to be draw on a line? Maybe something else is being considered in this situation but I was always and still am under the impression that as long as I get the last point the ball crossed a margin correct I have the option to drop within two club lengths not nearer the hole at that point not matter where the hole lies.
  6. Harold

    LPGA Tour Summit

    I think golf viewership is also an issue among those that do get it. Given the choice of watching golf or playing golf what are most on this board going to do here? Play golf most likely. How about someone who falls in the casual golfer category? Probably something else. If it's not college football it's the NFL. Then it's college basketball. Than it's the NHL and Pro basketball. Than you have baseball, NASCAR, MMA, American Idol and so on and so on. And that's just here is the US. The rest of the world has their own sports viewing cycles. That's just TV viewing too. Too many other hobbies and sports to get involved in and that just continually puts the LPGA at the bottom rung viewershipwise. As mentioned earlier the PGA would also likely be there if not for Tiger and they got a taste of what life will be like sans Tiger when he was out with his knee injury.
  7. I guessing 95+% of all golfers aren't going to care about a new players skillset as long as the appropriate tees are used, good golf etiquette is observed, and your skills are appropriate for the course being played. A new player playing even a 113 slope rated course is going to have difficulty. Get into the 120's and higher and the course will have you for lunch. As others have stated 9 hole courses are a good place to get your legs under you. They are a bit more laid back, generally shorter than 18 hole counterparts and probably could use the business. If you need 18 play it twice! As a singles golfer 99% of the time here are a few tips that help me: Keep the intros and talk small and formal until you get a feel for the group dynamics. You will figure it out mostly in the first few holes. Sometimes it's a threesome of buddies or a family and they might be more interested in their world. That's ok because you still have golf to play. Other times it's a two some with another single or three singles. Those are easier to blend in with. Initially don't comment on anyone's shots. It might look good to you but is a poor one for them. If they think it's good (verbal or non-verbal feedback) though a small positive comment might be in order. Also if they hit a poor shot and give feedback that they feel it's a poor shot don't say anything. It's only natural to feel a bit intimidated when first starting out but the only way to reduce it is to get out and play. From my perspective the last thing I am thinking about is how someone else is swinging or playing, new or experienced. I'm focused on my game. Most golfers aren't really thinking about your game and once you figure that out a lot of the nervousness and intimidation will go away.
  8. Harold


    Au Revior go-pher. Well? We're waiting!
  9. I'm in the low 40's and I still carry. I believe on most normal days or courses walking and carrying detriments are offset by by the benefits. On hot days and or on courses that are long with hills, especially ones in development areas with large gaps between holes it takes strokes away. Golfing a bunch of days in row has the same effect. I do prefer to walk and carry but am smart about it. I also know the day is coming when it will be time to get a push cart. Long term health is important and carrying 30 pounds of golf stuff isn't getting any easier.
  10. I think it's a case of trying to fit a large square peg into a small round hole but whatever. Maybe three times is a charm. At least it's not as known the DHL Cup.
  11. I know what First Tee is but what's a First Tee course? A Par 3 nine hole course? If so there would be plenty of reasons adults would be one it. Maybe they are beginners. Maybe they want to squeeze in some golf in an hour and a half. Maybe they are working on their short game, especially if the tees are all grass. Maybe a combination of all three. If there is a class and some feel it should be restricted to First Tee only than the golf course needs to indicate it is booked. Just like a tournament. Talk with the sponsoring course and find out. You can also ask for them to look into changing their policy if the couse is considered open, especially if it gets enough support from others.
  12. Eeryck has it right in that's how the pros statistics are kept. Try to go with it since many amatuers who keeps stats track the same way. It provides consistency when comparing and contrasting with others plus it provides a simple, easy dividing line of what statistical category it falls in. I think this is important because if you have "gray areas" for some of your stats you are then concentrating on the stats and not the upcoming shot. Even if it's 1" off the green I don't call it a GIR. Yesterday I had two of those. It's not unfair since Up and Down is still a measure. Same with fairways. If you are in the short grass it's a fairway. If not, even if you have a clear shot it's not a fairway hit. However it is ultimately up to you how you keep track of your stats. As long as you are consistent and use the stats in a meaningful way to help improve your game is what's important.
  13. Once a year plus or minus a few months. That's with a playing/practice schedule at least an 18 and a 9 once a week on average. More playing though equals less grip life. I get a little more out of the grips if the summer is cool like it was this year. I use Winn G8's and slightly different care is needed for Winn's. You don't scrub Winn's or dunk them under the tap or in the sink. You either lightly clean them with a damp towel of water or isopropyl alcohol. I prefer using alcohol and the paper towels do get dirty so crud is coming off.
  14. Save your money and play, play, play. Throw in practice and creating and maintaining a positive in the moment attitude no matter how the game is going and you will soon be ahead of most golfers. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket get a good pair of golf shoes.
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