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  1. Personally I didn't watch a shot of the Tour Championship and I didn't miss a Shot of the Solheim Cup. The Golf was far more Compelling from the Ladies in this little Ratings Show Down. For those of you who don't know this already the Fedex Cup Playoffs Bombed in TV Ratings. The Total TV Ratings for the Final Rounds of all For Fedex Cup Playoff Tournaments, the Barclays, the Duetsche Bank, the BMW and the Tour Championship earned an average of 1.2 Overnight TV Ratings. That is Pathetic for over $50 Million Dollars in Purses shelled out for these events. The Final Round of the BMW didn't eve
  2. What Greg Norman was referring to was Both. Golf Advise. Which he doesn't have a leg to stand on because Tiger Woods has already made Greg Norman's Golf Career look silly. And Personal Advice because Greg Norman Leads Tiger by 2 Wives I guess is his Logic. Tiger Woods is missing is Father and that Father Figure and If I am Him Greg Norman isn't where a go to get Fatherly Advise. Jack Nicklaus would be.
  3. Joe LaCava looks more like a Nike Guy than an Adidas Guy for one thing. But seriously Tiger Woods handled this 100% correctly and all he did was say to the Caddies Here is by Bag, Who Wants It? Joe LaCava among several other Top Caddies quite obviously did. Woods took a look at the resumes did his due diligence to follow up on each guy and quite obviously it was Freddie Couples who Sold Tiger Woods on Joe LaCava. Now comes the delicate part. Tiger knows before Dustin Johnson Knows that Dustin's Caddy Joe LaCava wants to Bail on Dustin for Tiger's Bag... That's no different than any of you
  4. On the Morning Drive Show this morning Greg Norman says he doesn't understand why Tiger Woods won't pick up the phone and call him. Norman says Tiger moved into "his" Neighborhood only 1/2 mile away and he doesn't understand why Woods hasn't contacted him for advise? Norman says he has reached out to Woods but so far no phone calls from Tiger... He goes on to say that he has some valuable advise that he could give to Tiger just has he has given to Adam Scott and Aaron Baddelay and Jason Day over the Years... Jack Nicklaus also has a home in the South Florida Area. So my Question to the
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