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  1. It has always made sense to me to jump around in clubs when I'm at the range. I almost always start out with my pitching wedge. Mostly because it's the club I use to stretch with and it's also a club I like to hit. Then I'll just keep randomly picking clubs until I've worked through them all. It's definitely helped me with the problem you're describing.
  2. Sounds good. I would be surprised if that Intel video card works well with the HD video though. It's a very basic video card with only 256MB of on board memory. Your probably loading the card up with more than it can process and it's running out of memory. Sounds like a good plan to go with the RAM upgrade in the desktop first. Let me know how it works out.
  3. The Intel 945 chipset is not the best video processor to run HD video with. That's probably your problem with the laptop that you tried it on. The processor could be an issue but processing power is not so much of an issue anymore. I would be willing to bet that it's just a combination of a very slow video card, a not-so-fast processor and slow RAM speed. 1.5GB of RAM is plenty to run Vista and should be enough if you are only trying to run video playback by itself but if the motherboard can't access the RAM fast enough then you would see poor performance on games and video playback. If you wanted to try to get better video playback, I would shoot for a RAM upgrade first. Just keep in mind that your RAM will only run as fast as the slowest stick (if you are running multiple sticks). Crucial is a great place to pick up affordable quality RAM. Unfortunately, you won't be able to upgrade your video card since it's soldered to the motherboard (like every other laptop except for a select few). Also, what ugottabjoshinme said is not correct. 32-bit Vista will support any amount of RAM up to 4GB. It is not incompatible with odd amounts of RAM. Due to limited addressing space, anything over 4GB of RAM on a 32-bit Vista system will be ignored. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to PM me. I'm a network administrator so I deal with this kind of problem all the time.
  4. After a couple of more trips to the driving range I have no problem just lining up with the top groove. By the way, I love this driver.
  5. Same here, that's what I have been doing. Just wondering if I could do something different to make it a little more similar to my old Ping. It's really weird that they didn't put anything on the top of this driver.
  6. Where do you buy those markers? I wasn't able to find anything like that. Just wondering if it was something specific to your area.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into the stickers. I tried my best to look through the rules on the USGA website but I didn't see anything about visual changes to the club.
  8. I finally broke down and replaced my Ping TiSi driver with an Adams Speedline. I gained a ton of distance but there is no visual aligntment aid on this driver. I guess I kind of got use to that little arrow with the flat line at the front of my Ping and the all black top of the Speedline is messing with me. You guys got any suggestions on what I can use? I obviously don't want to use anything that will damage or hurt the appearance of the club. Thanks. My old Ping: Speedline:
  9. I've never been a huge fan of hybrids. I just don't like the way they look at address but everybody has their own opinion and you should definitely use whatever gets your scores the lowest. I hit my fairway woods really well and my 3 wood is the one club in my bag that usually gives me an advantage over most of the guys I play with. If my second shot is 210-230 to the green on a par five I have no problem pulling my 3 wood out and going for it.
  10. I picked my putter up from a local used sports store for 25 bucks and I LOVE IT!!! If you know what to look for you can find some great deals.
  11. Everything that I have read says that Penta will be released to the public December 1st. I couldn't really find anything that said they would discontinue the Red/Black once this ball comes out. I kind of figured that they would keep it around but at a lower price point. I sure hope so. If they can keep that ball below the $30.00 price range I'll play it over anything else.
  12. That reminds me of another one. Mike Goldberg saying over and over "It is all over!!!!" when someone gets knocked out or taps out in a UFC fight. DRIVES ME CRAZY.
  13. ChvyKc

    Driving Par 4

    I've gotten really close on the second hole of the white course at Charwood CC. It's only 290 yards from the back tees but I usually pull the ball a little off center so I never go right for the green. I normally average about 270-285 on my drives so I might get one there one day.
  14. Dogs. I've got a lab/pit mix and a Boston Terrier that are just awesome. I love those two dogs.
  15. Club throwing. By far the most idiotic thing you can do. I don't have expensive clubs but I can't afford to throw them around. I was playing in a foursome last year and this guy we know threw his club. The guy he was riding with drove off to his ball and made him walk to get the club and then catch up with the cart. It was great. The only other pet peeve I have doesn't have anything to do with sports. USE YOUR BLINKER!!!! It's right there by your finger. How lazy can you be. I'm pretty laid back most of the time but those two things really bug me.
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