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  1. My Swing (shortknocker)

    So in essence, I'm not the right plane to "swing around my head/spine"? I'll experiment around with that next time at the range. Thanks for sharing the video! Is there anything I can do to make my swing plane on the downswing closer to what it was on the takeaway? I'm also not quite sure if I'm coming too far inside and then coming back on the correct plane, or coming back on the correct plane and coming back slightly over the top. I've been trying to come on a more inside plane to produce a draw/straighter shot in addition to adding more power. It's worked rather well so far.
  2. My Swing (shortknocker)

    I realized when I was posting these that I was experimenting around with different drawing methods.. and that is why my stance is slightly closed. My typical misses and errors are coming over the top, and occasionally hitting a thin ball (although hardly ever with driver/woods). Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.