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  1. 1. Some kind of 'wood' piece of crap 2. TaylorMade Burner type of old thing 3. Callaway Big Bertha 4. Some kind of big headed knock off driver (I actually hit it well) 5. Cleveland Launcher 300 6. Nike (the original, it lasted about two rounds) 7. Cleveland Launcher 330 8. TaylorMade R7 (Current) 8. TaylorMade R7 425 or 460 (Future)
  2. Paula...Have I mentioned I am in love with her?
  3. Paula Creamer - I'm in love with her. Tiger Woods - Hello? Duh. Cristie Kerr - I used to be in love with her until Paula came along. Course? Augusta of course. Because it's probably the only course I couldn't play that I want to if money wasn't an object. I figured since I'm never going to be able to play with Paula (I'm talking golf), Tiger, and Cristie, I might as well pick a course I'll never get.
  4. Hang in there Anneliese. I'm a high school teacher, so I have a little bit to share understanding both your point of view and his. Your point of view - Yeah, get angry, get fired up, and be ready to play when you do get a chance, so you can shove it in his face and make him eat his words. It's ok to be pissed off. His point of view - He's probably been doing this a while. He is going to do what he knows best because so far in his life, it's worked. He knows inside that he is not perfect, and he is projecting a confidence outside that might not be there inside. My point of view - He's
  5. I have a feeling that if you took the best balls on the market and put them through what a range ball goes through, they would travel even less than the "durable" range balls. The typical range ball is beat and scratched all to hell going through the picker, the ball deposit machine, and getting hit over and over. Typically they're "cleaned" but hardly what you would consider clean, so they have some degree of dirt or mud on them. Then consider they are made to fly shorter (as pointed out above).
  6. This month's Golf Magazine has a review of it along with some other putters.
  7. You're correct, and I suppose because I also believe that, I haven't purchased it. I think I can just go down to the hardware store and buy some PVC and make it.
  8. I too think the Inside Approach seems like a great training aide for anyone. At least it seems to make you keep your swing on plane. Like many amatuers, I sometimes come over the top causing more of a cut shot than I want. If I wasn't so cheap (only relative to purchasing training aides - not clubs, green fees, etc.), I'd buy it. Plus Jack endorses it. Jack's got to be a reliable reference if ever there was one.
  9. Me Paula Creamer Kristie Kerr Natalie Gulbis What a round that would be!
  10. I had a hole-in-one in 1994. 163 yards. I've also been fortunate enough to hole out from the fairway (100+ yards) 12 times.
  11. 1. Does it bother you that there aren't any young Americans in the top-20 or top-30 in the world to challenge Sergio, Adam Scott, and Luke Donald? We have plenty of young American stars: Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Natalie Gulbis, Brittany Lang, and Michelle Wie. How many more do you want? 2. Who will be the next great young American star? Probably Paula Creamer, but how can you count Michelle Wie out? LPGA baby! Don't forget about these women. They're more exciting than Sean O'Hair, Charles (underachieving) Howell, and the other guy you mentioned. Why? Because they actually a
  12. 25 years & 5 putters 1st - I was 15 years old. I have no idea - some piece of junk beginner putter. 2nd - Ping Pal4 3rd - Zebra 4th - Odyssey 2 ball (belly) Current - Taylor Made Monza Corza (You figure out the ratio; I'm an English teacher and not a math teacher.) On a more interesting note, I heard during the telecast yesterday that Scott Verplank has used the same putter his entire professional career. Now that is amazing to me. Considering the access those guys get to free equipment, I can't believe he has never changed. He has always been a solid putter, so I guess he doesn't
  13. mediaguru said, "Hogan. He was competing against the best golfers in the world. All due respect to the LPGA tour, they're not the best golfers in the world." Annika is competing against "the best golfers in the world." She is a woman; she competes against the best women golfers in the world. To rule Annika out because she competes against women is wrong. That is where I "got that."
  14. The LPGA women aren't the best players in the world? Give me a break. Because Hogan was a man and played against men, he is better? Annika is arguably the best ever on the LPGA tour - right? If you don't consider her the "best ever," you certainly MUST consider her the best in her era - hands down. Hogan was the best in his era? Perhaps, there is certainly a very strong argument to support that. Was Hogan the best ever on the PGA tour? Most consider Jack to be the "best ever." So you're going to take all of Annika's accomplishments and water then down because they were accomplished a
  15. I have one. I don't like it because it doesn't allow you to make a nice smooth line because of the high speed and the dimples. I have found that just putting a dot at the top (ie, side of the sweet spot) is a little less of an eyesore than a fat messed up line. Plus the dot usually makes a weird little astrological looking kind of mark.
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