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  1. Thanks WUTiger. That sounds right up my alley.......
  2. Hello all. We are in the pre-production stage of a 13 episode documentary on old, historic 9 hole golf courses in America. We will be filming 6 courses of which two have already been chosen but the other four courses are not set in stone. This is where we need your help. We are looking to stay in the Southeast for these 13 episodes but are not limited to that area. So if you know of or play at an old 9 hole course with a rich history, we would love to hear about it and check it out. Our reason for this documentary is the alarming rate at which 9-hole golf courses are falling by the waysi
  3. My name is James Leeth and I currently own a small golf course in Chattanooga, TN. I am also the host of Golf Soup a 30 minute golf program that airs here locally on the Fox network. Golf Soup has just been picked up to go national and we are very excited about this incredible opportunity! the format of Golf Soup in the past has featured myself playing and promoting 9 holes of a different local or regional course for my viewers and we were quite successful with that format, however with the national broadcast we will be changing the format to give more of a national appeal to the viewing au
  4. Good point and sorry for not clarifying that. Yes it would be gross!!
  5. First let me say that I own a golf course in Tennessee and recently a friend of mine, whom is a home builder, approached me about having a golf tournament for a house of his. The idea caught me a bit off guard and seemed a bit on the pipe dream end for me originally. However after several meetings and seeing his decent plans on the project I am beginning to give the idea a tiny bit of weight. However before I commit to such a large undertaking I would like to get as many thoughts on the idea as possible and this has always been a great forum for getting answers. I will condense the idea fo
  6. I had 3 double eagles before I carded my first hole in one. It was a stat I was very proud of knowing that a double eagle is much more rare. However in the last 10 years I have surpassed my double eagles with aces though I have added 2 more double eagles to stand at 8 to 5. Please keep in mind though that I own a golf course and play way north of a hundred holes every week, mostly at my place, so that much golf at the same place you can bet some good things are bound to happen from time to time.
  7. I can see the writing on the wall for me and my distance as well. My golf was built on and largely is still based on 2 major componets, power and solid ball striking. My power for now is still there, I consistently move it from 290 to 320 depending on conditions and it takes a real miss to fall under 280. However for me to get and maintain that distance it takes everything I have. In fact I had one person describe my driver swing as "more akin to an act of violence than a golf swing." That act of violence is starting to catch up with me physically. If you want to see what I'm talking abo
  8. I am 42 years old now and I must admit that my practice habits on my golf game have been anemic really since I began playing competitive golf at age 11. But now as my skills begin to deteriorate thanks to father time, I find myself having put in more P.T. than any other time in my life just to stay competitive on the "Fried Chicken Tour" and lowballs locally. So my question to you guys is, how much value do you place on the different segments of your golf game. Me personally, I must say that my putter get the highest percentage of practice time which with me is just common sense since that
  9. I feel your pain, for I too play with a very strong grip and weakening it only leads to the shanks for me. However to your hooks, without seeing your swing all I can do is relate what works for me, and for me the first thing I change is my hand position at address. I'll bring the butt of the club which is usually pointed at my left thigh and point it more toward my left hip joint. This may require you to also become slightly more upright in you posture. If that doesn't work for me I go to the exteme and become very upright with my posture and then begin working it down until I find a sweet
  10. Wow......, I had no idea this question would generate such great debates and responses. Now I want to weigh in myself for a minute. I can agree with just about everyone who has posted here. As a tournament player I agree with those who believe in playing strictly by the rules. For everyone who carries a usga handicap, I agree you should play to the letter of every rule as you know it because your handicap can have consequences to other players in tournaments, as other's can affect you as well. I do not believe every round you play should be exclusively for your handicap index, there is no
  11. I completely agree and understand with how you handle the out of bounds. I think in casual golf there should be no ob, just hazard to keep things moving and help everyone enjoy their round more. As to the "testing the sand" rule, I only learned of it first hand in '87 at large high school tournament. On the 16th hole with myself and two playing competitors were tied for the lead, locked in a great match, One of my competitors hit his tee ball in the left edge of a large fairway bunker. The rake was on the right side and he grabbed the rake walking across the bunker and drug the rake behin
  12. Let me start by saying I am by no means a well read golfer when it comes to the usga and r&a; rule books. However, I do think that I am fairly well versed in the day to day rules that come up during an average round of golf. Some years ago while on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach with some friends, friends not near my skill level, we were trying to hash out our bets the night before our first round. My friends were asking me to give ridiculious amounts of strokes to them. I was a near scratch player and my friends claimed to shoot 85 to 90 on average. Finally after hours of negotiating I agre
  13. Very, very rarely will I not go for it. Too many times early in my career I tried to play safe only to skank an iron or tug it into the high rough and it wound up costing me the bogey I was trying to avoid. And I found out by going for it the vast majority of the time I became quite an accomplished scrambler and grinder. So I guess my opinion on this topic would be, if you have the ability to make a couple or three birdies in a 9 hole stretch and a above average short game, going for it all the time is not such a risky approach. If you don't have the game to pay for your mistake, the cauti
  14. Will be hosting one of these tourneys in early November. It will be a two day 36 event, we will be playing 18 holes at my place vs the membership of another club and finish with 18 holes at the opposing club. Looking forward to it and will let you know how it goes.
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