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  1. Will do, I have my first round of the season tomorrow. I'll be playing 4 rounds this week so I'll post my thoughts on friday or this weekend.
  2. Well it's kind of a crazy story, but today I dropped by golfsmith just to check out their used section before I bout the CB1's on ebay. My swing coach knows the guys there and told me to tell them that he sent me, so I get there and tell them that, I give them my specs, and they bring me to the used rack. I instantly spot a set of CB1's just like the ones on ebay. 4-pw. So I take them down, and they are the KBS tour 90's, just like the ebay set. Wow, I just found the exact set of clubs I was looking at and I don't have to have them shipped so I can get them immediately, when before they weren'
  3. Thank you Desmond for the code, although I think I've found my set. (And guys, like I said earlier, offset was the least of my worries out of all the criteria. But thanks for the info on the G series, they always looked like they had a ton of offset at address to me for some reason.) Anyway, this is the set I am going for most likely. What do you guys think? I sent all those links to the guy that fit me and he recommended these, and they seem good to me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adams-CB1-Pro-Black-Forged-4-PW-KBS-Stiff-/231162973927?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash;=item35d2630ee7#shpCntId I l
  4. Well first of all I never associated ALL ping irons with a large amount of offset, I just know that some ping sets, especially the G series, have a lot of offset. And also, I even posted a set of I15's on this thread, so obviously I know they are irons I can play. And also, I realize 300 for a set I need is slightly unrealistic. I said that, exactly that way, in the original post. I also said I was thinking around 450. But thank you for s***ing all over this thread with you're pessimistic and elitist views. [quote name="Mr. Desmond" url="/t/72689/got-fitted-now-to-find-irons-that-will-work-bu
  5. Ok so I found a bunch of sets that might work. Almost all of them will require adjustments, but most of them are cheap enough to where I can pay for those adjustments and still be in my price range. Let me know what you guys think. All of these are forged I believe besides the last one, so I can bend all of them. Most of them are cheap enough so I can lengthen them and not worry about breaking my price range. Also, be sure to remember when I lengthen it by an inch, it automatically adds 1 degree to the lie angle, so really if it was standard, I would only have to bend it 3 or 4 degrees
  6. Wow thank you, that definitely helps. And also the a little bit of offset is perfect. He told me not to get a lot of offset, but he said also that a club with absolutely zero offset might be a little tough. And that is probably the aspect I am least concerned about.
  7. Well I was hoping for a 4-AW set actually, because that is what fits in my bag, but 4-PW would probably work because I only take full swings with my AW about half the time. And I am 6'4", and I don't know my wingspan exactly but I have pretty long arms. He didn't fit me based on measurements though, he just used tape on my club, and gave me different lie angles until the mark on the tape was in the middle of the club. And yes I was hoping for a used set with roughly those specs, and my pro said that if I got a forged set that wasn't already bent flat at all, he could get it to 4-5 degrees upri
  8. So I got fitted yesterday by a teaching pro at my course. We went through the normal stuff, trying different heads, shafts, lengths, lies, all that stuff. So my results are as follows. For a 6 iron -38 inches in length -66° lie -stiff -light weight shaft (110g was best weight for me) -low deflection shaft -some offset (he said I shouldn't be going GI offset like pings or anything, but I need a little bit) The irons that I had priced out and was ready to buy, were some rocketbladez tours for $300. Turns out, those won't work. As I'm not exactly an "off the
  9. Well these were the irons I was going to purchase from my pro, but I got fit yesterday just to make sure they were ok for me to use, and turns out they are completely wrong for me haha. I will be making a new thread on my fitting results and how I should go about getting new irons based on those results. I'll post the link here. EDIT: Here is the link! http://thesandtrap.com/t/72689/got-fitted-now-to-find-irons-that-will-work-but-not-break-the-bank
  10. I've seen a paintfill for the regular rocketbladez irons, but they have a little cavity where the yellow is. Unlike the tour version, which is pretty much flat. As you can see in this picture. So anyone with paintfilling experience, is this a doable job? I'd really like to fill it in red. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow, and red would match pretty much all my other gear. Thanks guys.
  11. bump... haha seriously any experience with winter gloves would be appreciated.
  12. Oh ok that makes sense, I guess my point mainly is that watching the video, you can see how stiff his arms are, which usually leads to manipulating the face angle throughout rather than letting the natural motion of your arms dictate it. It makes sense that A2 in that video is ok, but I have a feeling if he let his arms relax a bit more, the face angle would improve dramatically.
  13. Maybe you misunderstood me, if you look at this screenshot, his face is much too closed at A2 (shaft horizontal). The toe of the club should be pointing directly upward at this position, which helps with natural face angle transition instead of manipulating it like he is doing in that video. But it sounds like you fixed a majority of your problems Jimbo, it'd be great to see a video of the new swing.
  14. I live in Oregon, and sometime I may be golfing in 35 degree weather, while it is raining. So I know footjoy has the wintersof and rainsof gloves, so I would love to use the wintersof for the cold, but will they also work in the rain? Has anyone used them in the rain before? Also I know mizuno makes the Thermagrip gloves, that supposedly work in rain, but are they the best gloves? And I would like to be able to try the gloves on before I buy them, so hopefully they are carried at golfsmith or some sort of retailer, but if not I can probably figure it out. For reference I wear a Nike Medium-Lar
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