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  1. Tiger Wants to Ban the Long Putter

    Although I agree with your sentiment 100%, it's "couldn't care less". ;)
  2. Tiger Wants to Ban the Long Putter

    This just makes me LOVE mine all the more.
  3. I Hope Matt Every Wins The Damn Sony Open!

    I hope he wins the turney and in his post interview says "stick this in your pipe and smoke it Kelly".
  4. Rickie fowler has a stupid hat

    And he has made more money this year than you will make in a life time....and he's playing golf for a living. Tuff life. He can wear ANY hat he likes. Oh, and the ladies LOVE him.
  5. I hate scramble tournaments!

    I like them just for the fun of it. Never take them seriously. Oh, ROLL TIDE!!!
  6. 2011 Fry's.com Thread

    T38. I can only hope that he would retire. I've been over the LOVE FEST from the broadcasters for years now.