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  1. Since your fitter has seen your swing and has prolly gathered data on it, ask him what he recommends and then put it on the board so we have something to compare it to. Need to know what you're currently playing.
  2. Get a fitting! Did he just check your wrist to floor measurement, or did he actually have you hit some balls? 3" is really pushing an extension, and they'll feel totally foreign to you from the way they feel now. Not only are you looking at a change in swing weight, but total weight and and quite a lie angle change. You need to know what the head material is, to see if they could even be bent enough to accomodate the extra length. Get a fitting and get it done right!
  3. I've played both smt and alpha equipment. I personally prefer smt. The driver that i used last year was the 455 db with the vs339 shaft. Great combo as this head and shaft seem to have been made for each other. My combo was made to standard length and i'd still have it, but i let one of my friends hit it and he wouldnt give it back. Mike Tait the owner of smt, and Jody Beacon the owner of accuflex, are good friends, and i'm pretty sure that they design some of their product with each others offerings in mind. This combo has received very good reviews from all over. My advise to you would be.....go to smt's web site and get on their discussion board. You should be able to learn everything that you want to know about this combo there. A lot of long drivers hang out there from time to time, and could help you out a lot. Mike himself answers questions, and i've seen jody participate as well. If there is anything specific that i can help you out with, just let me know!
  4. bobkin

    A nice car

    Its a 1988 ford thunderbird turbo coupe. No cb though rubber duck!
  5. You are a monster boy! I'm gonna want strokes!
  6. bobkin

    A nice car

    I'm married. My wife has the car most of the time. She says that her blonde hair makes it look much better than my bald head. She does let me take it for a spin from time to time though. I might be taking it to the ravens game this weekend.
  7. bobkin

    A nice car

    Yes! Thats my car. Can you tell that im a steelers fan? This car used to lead parades at the old Three rivers stadium. Its been in most major newspapers accross the usa, and they did a special on CNN at one time. It'll soon be time to put it up for the winter.
  8. bobkin

    A nice car

    Just trying to post a pic of my " STEELERS MOBILE"
  9. Why not? Let him play! Whats good for the goose....is good for the gander! I personally am tired of women taking spots at tournaments, that should be going to the guys that have worked hard to get there. More to the point...men shouldnt be in womens tourneys and women shouldnt be in mens tourneys. Arent you tired of wie playing with the men, when she hasnt even won in womens competitions? Arent you tired of women trying to get into augusta? I love women, but these things are really starting to piss me off! As ridiculous as it is....i say let jean play in the open. Its not right, but its no different than the women playing on the mens tour. Its all one big azz circus anymore!!! Sorry for venting!
  10. You are actually in the regular flex range with your swing speed. The way that you load your driver has just as much to do with flex as swing speed does. One thing to check is....see if your driver might have an open face. Take it to a clubmaker and have him measure the face angle for ya. One other thing.....I've seen some graphite shafts that are marked r flex, actually play one flex stiffer and vice versa, due to the alignment of the spine.
  11. SMT Spectrum with UST V2 and Wishon 515 with Accuflex Evolution. It all depends on my swing for the day!
  12. Looking forward to the review. I'm in need!
  13. bobkin

    US Amateur

    ONE shot at a time! Its a crazy game and anything can happen. Enjoy your experience and rock on with your bad self!
  14. I started cutting my drivers down to 44" last year.I'm seeing better distance from purer hits and finding more fairways. Without a doubt, the best thing ive done for my golf game. The average length driver on tour is 44.5".
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