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  1. I totally agree with what you say, golfjunky......I too hit the ball straighter and longer with baseball grip ( top thumb folded under bottom thumb pad) and yes the game sure is more fun this way! Cant control club as well with "traditional ten finger baseball style grip like that used by Tommy "Two Gloves " Gainey though (he has both thumbs wrapped aroung the grip just like holding a baseball bat)....I tend to hook ball too much that way.....but the "modified ten finger baseball grip works great!
  2. If the" low end" Titleist ball you purchased happened to be the DT SO/LO you already have the very best all around ball for most amateur golfers-especially those with swing speeds 90 MPH and below (aka most of us!). Golf Digest said in naming the DT SO/LO to its gold medal level equipment review that the best Titleist golf ball for most players, happily, may actually be their least expensive. (around 20 bucks per dozen in white or yellow) Good Luck
  3. According to a table from The Search for the Perfect Golf Club by Tom Wishon, the ideal driver loft to maximize carry distance for each of the below swing speeds (based on a swing angle of attack of +2.5 degrees as the average golfer has a slight upward angle of attack with the driver) is as follows: 60mph - loft of 19* for a carry distance of 122yds 70mph - loft of 19* for a carry distance of 156yds 80mph - loft of 13* for a carry distance of 185yds 90mph - loft of 13* for a carry distance of 213yds 100mph - loft of 10* for a carry distance of 236yds 110mph - loft o
  4. Glad you've found this thread so helpful, malelee21 and others. It appears that the ten finger grip is considerably more popular and successful than one might assume- especially if one were foolish enough to ask a PGA Teaching "Pro". LOL I too get considerably more distance and simply make better contact with the ball.....and, well , isn't that the point?! Fairways and greens. Stogiesnbogies (OP)
  5. I think you are creating something of a false dichotomy between Floyds and Stockton's books. Floyd does indeed provide some considerable amount of "technique" but does so in an extremely simple and more easily digested form which does not lend itself to becoming troublesome swing thoughts on the course. His advice is worthwhile for ALL handicaps as we can all use a reminder of how to score effectively , especially when we aren't playing particularly well. ( i.e. even Tiger needs to be reminded to keep his head down from time to time, eh? lol ) For example , instead of rambling on
  6. Yep...alignment and ball position are silent killers of many a round.
  7. LOL....yeah, I've never understood why so many players who are successful....like Tiger and Padraig Harrington- and at the top of their game decide abruptly to blow the whole thing up and change the swing that won them Tourneys and majors. Now in Tigers case I suspect he had to do something if he wanted to have a long career as his old swing aggravated his injuries....but other guys seem to just do this as they fall under the influence of some highly priced swing guru who btw usually never even played on the Tour, never mind won!.....nice to have money to burn, eh? I recall sever
  8. Hey Mrmudd.... Whatever works for you.....but my swing speed is between 85 and 90 and I love regular flex graphite shafts.....to each his own.
  9. Why would someone new to golf want a hybrid with a steel shaft? You will probably be sacrificing considerable club head swing speed compared to graphite. Which may most likely translate into lost distance.
  10. Having worked in the service industry as a college student I often found that the more money some people had the cheaper they were towards folks who depend on tips. Not one to ever forget from whence they came, I keep a collection of single bills in my bag for the sole purpose of always having a generous tip ready -be it the cart girl or the guy who loads my bag from car trunk to cart. Good for you to be disturbed by that incident.....yes I would have chased her down to tip her -and have done that in similar circumstances myself.....shame on your "friend"...it speaks volumes abou
  11. Right you are Mulligan....Floyd's generation and those before him did not have swing coaches, sports psychologists and an entourage following them about on tour.....they did NOT go see their PGA Teaching pros....they were often self taught players with home made swings....and worked out their own flaws slumps and mental toughness issues.... closest thing we have today to that approach would be guys like Bubba Watson....and perhaps a few others but not very many.....methinks that sometimes these guys today are more inclined to develop a case of "paralysis through analysis" as there just
  12. This was one of the very first golf instruction books I had ever read .....and I still believe it to be one of the very best. Lots of common sense , jargon free advice about how to score well-even when you aren't necessarily playing well. The point I always remember is regarding chipping...."chipping is just putting with loft" I remember this virtually every time I'm setting up a chip shot...and more often than not meet with tap-in quality results when I do remember and apply this simple yet effective advice. A great book to read ...and re-read.
  13. I have been playing a hybrid iron set (3-7) for some time now . I had tried to swap out irons for higher lofted FW woods but found the results unsatisfactory as I can not hit a FW wood with the accuracy or consistency that I can hit a hybrid....thus the FW woods reside in the closet and the Hybrids remain in my bag. However, I've known other guys for whom the results are exactly the opposite.....this really boils down to your willingness to experiment with both and discover which kind of swing works best for your game. BTW: It needn't be too expensive as you can pick up so
  14. Always tough to provide advise regarding putters since putting is the most personal aspect of the game. And it can be difficult to get the right combo of weight and feel in one flat stick. as you've already discovered. Odysseys in general tend to have a nice feel as do many Taylor Made Rossa sticks. I play the Rossa Daytona #1 with agsi insert and love it.....however it does feel a tad lighter than some may like. It is a traditional "Answer style" blade but in black matte finish which I also find appealing at address -has a single white alignment mark on the back fl
  15. Curious, what didn't you like about the venerable Titleist DT So/Lo? I have been playing them as my "go-to" ball for some time now and believe that they are the best overall ball for most amateurs/ recreational players from the standpoint of performance and price point. I've never encountered anyone who did not like them, although perhaps preferring another ball.... I'm just wondering what you didn't like about them to form such a seemingly strong negative opinion.
  16. Feherty is capable of "fleshing out" his interview subjects and helping us to see a more complete picture of who they are as people. I personally loved his interview with Celtic Legend Bill Russell....it spanned basketball, family, civil rights etc. Perhaps Feherty's best interview to date.
  17. I play two to three rounds per week -year 'round.
  18. Arnie is definitely up there at the top of any such list. However I also have great regard for Tom Watson. To have had such an accomplished career and to be still competitive at his age is an inspiration to all old duffers like meself. I also respect the fact that he, unlike so many Tour pros, had the courage to confront the racism of the golfing world when he resigned his membership from the Kansas City Country Club because of their exclusionary policies toward admitting Jews as members. Tom Watson is a class act.
  19. FYI- ALL principles be they "basic" or otherwise require examples. So precisely which shaft creates this face balance you refer to? Is it a blade with the plumbers neck with a one shaft off set or something else?
  20. Please provide more info regarding the face balance relationship to putter neck. Under what conditions does a classic Anser style blade transform from a toe hang to a face balanced putter?
  21. Or maybe I'm just making some thoughtful and considered observations about an aspect of our culture -'Tis part of my job description. I noticed that thus far none of the geniuses who've replied have had anything constructive to say about the content of my commentary......far too engaged in the anti-intellectual practice of attacking the messenger.
  22. Or perhaps I'm just doing my job....you know...thinking critically about society, culture, etc...a forbidden practice in most conservative quarters these days. If my commentary contains too many multi-syllabic words I'd be happy to help you with it, Sparky.
  23. Well at least the gas provides something with which to fill the empty space between thine ears.
  24. Very difficult to compare the two tours....they are divided by many factors icluding quality and type of courses....Typical American courses feature perfectly manicured greens that run 12 stimp or more....euro tour features more roughly hewn greens and landscapes with slower stimps....American golf tends to reward the "bomb and gouge" method...of big ballstriking off the tee and ginormous arcing wedge shots falling from the heavens upon picture perfect greens.....while Euro golf invites more bump and run style play.....there is also a large class division between tours as many PGA guys come fr
  25. Putting is , fortunately for me, the strongest aspect of my game (since I have unimpressive distance and rely on "The great equalizer" to defeat players who hit the ball many yards farther than I. My regular go-to putter is a blade (Taylormade Rossa Daytona #1 with agsi insert) but when I'm struggling a bit I will play my Odyssey Two Ball DFX Mallet...which I often practice with on my office carpet because it just seems to help me re-align my "straight back and straight thru" pendulum swing and tempo....and then I go back to playing my regular gamer blade again....selecting a putter is
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