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  1. Setup to the ball at address....ball position and alignment....then tempo...low and slow back and thru nice and smooth ....kinda like Freddie (I hope) .
  2. So they hold breakout sessions on "Growing the Game" at the PGA Show but arent bright enough to realize that maybe one way to do so is to open up at least one day of the show to the general public.Then they write articles in the Golf Mags and present stories on Golf Channel, etc. discussing the many woes of the games declining popularity......anyone else see a problem here? FYI PGA: - The secret to growing the game is to make it more user friendly and accessible.....the PGA Show would be a great place to start, eh?
  3. Sounds like you know what you want....now you need to find a teaching pro who can give you what you need. Ask around and seek out recommendations for good instructors. The guy you were seeing is not the only swing coach in the world. And then talk to him about your specific goals and how to set a clearly defined course of instruction. Yes, you must interview these guys before hiring them. Go with your instincts regarding which one is best for you and can provide you with the most help in accomplishing YOUR goals - not theirs. Good Luck.
  4. My advice to you is to determine what kind of player you want to be ....i.e. are you new to the game? If so use the "pro" to take you through the bag and introduce you to all the clubs and their purposes , etc. After that the best and fastest way to learn is to get out on the course as often as possible....only by getting yourself into trouble (aka "the easy part") and getting out of it will you learn how to play this game in real time. Perhaps you can find teaching pros with good references to fall back upon when you discover various issues in your game....i.e. maybe a lesson or two with a dr
  5. Another great read written by two conservative constitutional scholars from the rightwing American Enterprise Institute is "It's Even Worse Than It Looks" -by Mann and Ornstein They explain accurately the condition of "asymetrical polarization" which plagues the nation and blocks every effort to resolve social ills...the GOP/Teaparty has moved hard right while the Dems have essentially held their usual middle-left position ...while the two party's have polarized only the GOP has shifted to rightwing extremism ..which prevents progress and dangerously tends to shift the national discourse f
  6. You apparently are either ignorant of or refuse to acknowledge what even the handful of remaining moderate Republicans admit: the changing demographics in American society spell disaster for the GOP moving forward as they have consistently alienated and essentially lost ALL of the fastest growing groups in our society: Latinos arer the fastest growing group and are overwhelmingly registering and voting Democratic, Women are already the majority and also vote Dem due to on-going GOP war against women and African Americans have long been a rock solid base of the Democratic party all the more so
  7. Yep...being poor in the USA is soooo good now, eh? Why dont you try it for a while??...say a month living on food stamps should be more than enough to change your tune of ignorance ...at the very least it will work wonders on your waistline You'll be livin' high off the hog on $4.32 per DAY , Sparky.....LOL Your arrogance and ignorance warrants no further discourse ....you are uneducable ...but the good news is you are now in a small and rapidly shrinking minority.....soon to be discarded appropriately to the political ashbin of history where your ideas belong.
  8. As a Professor of History, Philosophy and Humanities now for over 30 years I am saddened but amused by your virtually complete stereotypes and Fox sounbites du jour regarding the current state of public affairs.....complete with the obligatory "parasites" reference...you certainly parrot your Rush, Fox and Friends well! However in my profession we are function in the universe of FACTS....here are but a few : American income inequality has skyrocketed over the past 30 years, according to a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Eco
  9. With so many people struggling to make ends meet it is truly apalling that someone generally as media savvy as Phil would make such a calous and boneheaded comment. The "exorbitant" tax increase he is whining about is a paltry 3% (simply a restoration of the Clinton Era tax rate ) and only impacts income over 450,000.....you'd think that he was paying his fair share or something akin to it for all his bitchin'. Let's remember that under GOP President Eisenhower the top tax rate was 91%....Phil is only going to pay 39.6%....which provides badly needed revenue to invest in job-cre
  10. Correction: I meant to say that I hit driver approx 200 - 220 yards (220 is a blast with the wind at me back and a hard fast fairway!) while my partner hits 260-270.. But thanks to tee it forward we both play from the appropriate tee box and enjoy the opportunity to make G.I.R. (now and again) while playing a good competitive round shooting in the 80's.. It makes the game fun and is more than challenging enough for a couple of old duffers.
  11. Yes it is appropriately based on driver distance not age. For example, I am a senior but hit my drives an average of 220 yards (typical distance for amateur) while one of my playing partners is almost ten years my senior but can hit his drives 260-270 (close to LPGA Distances!) so he hits from the boxes one BACK from mine and we always have competitive matches which inevitably come down to shortgame prowess since we are now both capable of G. I.R......great Fun!
  12. Lest There Be Any Confusion Regarding The Tee It Forward Program: Your driver distance determines the appropriate course yardage for your game and thus, your appropriate tee box. I do believe that this is one of the very best developments in recreational golf to come along since the hybrid iron set. The only obsticle to it making golf more fun and take less time is the silly and stubborn testosterone crowd who are too "proud" to tee it forward and would rather hit from the tips; shoot over 100 and slow down play at every hole while groups behind them watch these clowns play military gol
  13. 100 yards? #15 wood (37 degrees-equivalent to approx 8 Iron) ....but hey I'm a lot older than you and have almost twice your handicap. LOL
  14. You might just enjoy hitting an approach shot and making a GIR once in a while....tee it forward is the best thing to happen in recreational golf since the hybrid.
  15. I agree with Couples or Zinger but Miller may be too controversial/ difficult personality....bit like hiring Bobby Valentine.
  16. Obama "worst president ever"?! Try Andrew Johnson, Hoover...and ...of course... Have you already forgotten George W Bush who put two wars on the credit card-one totally unnecessary while blowing up the economy? Meanwhile Obama has 31 consecutive months of private job GROWTH -compared to Bush who was losing over 750 THOUSAND jobs per month; he ended the neo-con war in Iraq and oh BTW he killed that Bin Laden guy Bush wasnt interested in finding.......Obama faced historically unprecedented and in fact treasonous obstruction from the GOP/Tea Baggers in congress yet has righte
  17. yeah didnt we all get numerous lectures from Olly about sportsmanship ...and how he and Seve were outraged (OUTRAGED I tells ya!) at what happened at the 1991" war by the shore"?? Where the hell was "Mr Sportsmanship" to run on the green, pick up Tigers ball and shake his hand, eh? What a steaming crock of Euro-rubbish..all this talk of sportsmanship etc... Olly...teach us all by example!
  18. Right you are...Love was playing not to lose instead of finishing them off.....neither Poulter nor all the "Seve Spirit" they could muster would have brightened up the Euro clubhouse Saturday night if they were down 11-5. And Love's Captain's picks of Stricker and Furyk did NOTHING as well.
  19. Yup...just ask Colin Montgomerie. Personally I've long ago tired of hearing all this euro-rubbish about sportsmanship, fairplay etc.... So let me get some of this off my chest here: 1. First off, Seve pulled just about every cheap ploy concievable in Ryder Cup play....he LOVED f'ing head games and gamesmanship...and Sergio has inherited some of that trait from his mentor... 2. Perhaps Phil would have been more effective in that clutch match with Rose were he less nice and supportive and more focused on thrashing his a ** ....a bit more Tiger-style aloofness couldnt
  20. If Phil really must sit then pair the white hot Keegan with someone else ...dont piss away ANY potential points.....dumb move by Love .
  21. Well I'm certainly not the first nor last to say that golf, especially pro tour golf is one great big good ole boys club...and Captain Love chose Striker and Furyk and they delivered filet of NADA... in addition , the good captain SAT his hottest tandem on Saturday afternoon -namely Bradley and Mickelson who tore it up and electrified the "13th man" crowd....Davis' decision not only likely cost the US a "nail-in -the -coffin " point on Saturday (5 up = adios Euros!) it threw ice water on a white hot US team's mojo....to add insult to injury both Keegan and Phil LOST on Sunday. so a net
  22. " We gave you this wonderful game and look what you are doing to it." ahm....Do you mean Americans have DOMINATED it for decades...yeah. and turned it into a major television spectacle and "supersized" the prize money as well. you're welcome.
  23. Yes I too believe Rory is now 100% Titleist but that could indeed change with Nike's cash ...and they could offer him a limited club kind of deal so he could take the dough AND play some Titleist clubs he prefers...
  24. That may well be but most equipment deals do not require that all clubs in the bag are made by the sponsor....in other words he could use Nike irons and Titleist woods ...I know a mini-tour pro with a sponsorship and they require he carry 10 clubs from their shop...
  25. Yes...I too am flirting with breaking 80 ...and I know that my main weakness is pitching-especially from 150 and in....I've started playing practice rounds by myself and when the course is not busy I will drop 2 or 3 balls and pitch them on the green....I will lay up just to get pitching practice and , of course pitch a bag or two of range balls as well. It's getting more dependable and I hope to soon join the under 80 golfers of the world...I've shot 81 FOUR freakin' times!!! :(
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