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  1. Personally, I ousted my 5 wood in favor of a 19 degree hybrid (Cleveland Hibore)....the shorter shaft makes it easier to hit and I find it more accurate with a negligable loss in distance. BTW: I noticed that you have a Mach speed driver...I play the Dymo 2 and its a real fairway finder....
  2. Not only would I shoot my weight but I'd have one hell of a time finding a caddy stupid enough to lug my bag with all those balls in it......sure hope there's a sale on Top Flites ... the "agua model"...
  3. "Play what works for you/feels right when it comes to scoring clubs...they are the most important clubs in the bag!" Couldnt agree more....but I wouldnt limit this to only scoring clubs....the game is still as Bobby Jones said "turning 4 shots into 3" and there are no photos on the scorecard... Cheers.
  4. It's quite possible I play at the" worst club around".....but I dont see many double digit cappers wasting space in their bag on lob or higher lofted clubs...
  5. What?! Where's Phil The Thrill?! No one like him when he's hitting on all cylinders ....drives himself into trouble and pulls repeated rabbits out of his hat to escape pending disaster...over and over again....watching Phil on those days is like the "Perils of Pauline".... he's a tightrope walking magician working without a net.
  6. I've been lobbying my wife to let me convert the hardly used swimming pool (aka money pit) into a putting green for some time now- alas, sadly to no avail.... however I would hope that any of the putting green contractors would have pre-fab blueprint models that best exploit your available space for the greatest variety of putting challenges..No?
  7. Being a high capper they'd probably hurt you off the tee but try them sometime around the greens -including putting and you will soon discover what all the buzz is about them.....I love them but I also sometimes play with guys who change balls so I can hit a two piece distance ball off the tee and change out to my V1X when the short game comes to pass....LOL When I do play them tee to green I feel that I lose about 10 yards off the tee....no biggie for a short hitter who needs a good approach shot to get to me shortgame, anyways....overall my best scores (81 -four times ) were when play
  8. I have never seen a everyday kind of amateur who could hit a lob wedge the same way twice...unless you count repeated chunks and skulls.....cant even think of a player at my club who could-maybe the club champ and the teaching pro... ...and play with no one who wastes valuable bag space on something they cant hit.....probably the reason that Cleveland Niblick wedges stop at 56 degrees, eh? Since they are designed to improve the game of the double digit capper -both mid and high -which I remind you is the overwhelming majority of golfers.... If you are a single digit capper go ahead and
  9. 1. Bring my pitching -especially longer pitches- back up to snuff again 2.Improve my approach shots 3. Break 80 ....same goal as last year .....posted four 81's!! Grrrr!!!!
  10. "Just believe me when I say that no matter how good you might be with it, a 60° LW doesn't belong in the bag of most mid to high handicappers. There is a reason that they have a higher handicap, and it isn't because they are pure ball strikers. It takes a pure ball striker to be consistent with such a club." So very true, fourputt! I too only carry the 56 degree ...if I get in a jam where I've shortsided myself and need to clear a bunker I just open up the 56 and pray...not in that order. :)
  11. I'm a college professor of History, Philosophy and Humanities.
  12. I am not a long hitter so the shortgame is 100 percent of my game.....definitely the Greens!!! : ) Recently my club had an insect infestation which damaged virtually all the greens....absolutely ruined my game for several weeks....recently they have improved and so has my pitching , chipping and putting....
  13. I am posting this here because apparently I am not considered "member enough" to start my own thread ....a policy dreadfully akin to the long standing discriminatory policies of Augusta National....where the PGA Tour violates its own stated policy of not participating in any club that discriminates...it's 2012 fellas time to get up to speed with inclusiveness and diversity...and these same clowns will bemoan the decline of interest in the game....completely tone deaf! This NYTimes article says it all. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/05/sports/golf/uncomfortable-day-at-the-augus
  14. When there is a bunker or other hazard between ball and green I simply go airborne with one of the Cleveland Niblicks...they are easier to hit than conventional wedges and have the old Zip Grooves that spin the ball and make it stop on a dime....you can stick it pretty close to the pin from 100 yds in with one of these clubs....be ye high capper or low!
  15. Yeah..I cant understand why they stopped production of the 37 degree myself since that loft is a common chipper loft (aka 7 iron) ..I grabbed a couple of all the lofts before they stopped making them with zip grooves ..and man I'm glad I did! If you cant get the 37 you might like the 42...it plays much like a 9 iron to me ...and does much the same things as the 37 -of course with slightly less roll out...but remember that the new models have what they call "Tour Zip Grooves" which are the newer less square and deep type that wont give you that sweet spin!
  16. FYI: I can also hit a Ray Cook Classic Plus Chipper 100 yards-and since I'm hardly a reknowned ballstriker I'd venture that you can as well.......but the Niblick has the best qualities of a chipper , wedge and an iron ..it has alignment guides of a putter and a nice heavy head for tempo and MOI.....combine all that with a 35 inch putter length shaft and zip grooves that spin and stop a shot like a butterfly with sore feet and you've got yourself a multi-purpose scoring weapon! Now that you've read about them I suggest you demo one and see for yourself....
  17. I think the bigger blanket statement would be to assume anything about a 30 'cappers swing.... In the case of a 30 plus 'capper the problem is more likely something like ball position , height of tee , stance , grip.....a virtual panoply of possibilites that confront all golfers but more so the 30 plus 'capper....however as a general rule slower swing speeds -and newbies and high cappers often fare much better with higher lofted drivers -they take off some of the side spin that leads to slices-the #1 problem for most amateurs... ...i.e. I use a 14 loft driver and rarely miss a fairway (
  18. To be perfectly frank...if you are a 30 handicap as you state here you really shouldnt even touch a 9 degree driver....minimally a 10.5 and UP (11 plus ) will yield MUCH better results.... and the guy I beat far from "sucks" since he is a vastly better ballstriker than me -and thus certainly you....I simply possess a much better short game -a part of which includes the Cleveland Niblick which any 30 'capper would most certainly benefit from.....and BTW: When I bring my A Game, I putt lights out -while I am an 18 capper I am widely recognized at my club as one of the very best putters ..
  19. BRAVO, logman!! You have accurately depicted the overwhelming majority of "purists" at my club....and I simply cant believe the folks here on the board who have trouble understanding my ability to hit a 37 degree niblick for a sweet, straight 100+ yard bump and run spilling out nicely onto the dance floor....instead of chunking or skulling a wedge into the bunker!! Niblicks save me at least 6 strokes per round...and another niblick using poster said about the same....my favorite bit of testimony here was when Cleveland tested the niblick against the personal wedges of low handicappers
  20. Correction: in my previous post it should read that it was the LOWER handicappers who would not use the niblick despite the proof of its effectiveness ... cheers.
  21. Lower lofted drivers in the hands of amateurs are very unforgiving...the higher the loft the bigger the" sweet spot of forgiveness"...aka less slice= more fairways...if its windy just tee the ball down a tad and continue hitting fairways.... and perhaps in your view the chipper is a "one dimensional club" but I can hit mine for those lovely bump and runs from 100 yards out -and then some....hitting an elevated wedge approach shot when a simple bump and run will get you to the dance floor safely is poor course management at best and ego driven foolishness at worst ( a side effect of watc
  22. "Best two balls I hit all day was when I stepped on a rake." :)
  23. I too play a fade ...not by choice but by nature of my swing...however it does shut down one side of the course which is good and I, like you, have never considered it a big problem either... there was this guy who made a pretty good living hitting a natural fade ....you might have heard of him...Jack Nicklaus :) Cheers
  24. "Golfers should be realistic, and use the equipment and techniques that will make our games better..." Righto...and you make many good points in your post...here's a few more: Hybrid iron sets give the amateur a chance to hit it longer, higher and straighter...cant imagine ever going back to traditional irons sets... chippers..yes they are legal provided they are not double sided and do not have putter grips affixed to them....they make the game more enjoyable for those of us without a lot of time to practice with hard to hit low percentage wedges....golf snobs be damned .
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