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  1. I find that you play more and practice less...which is fine since there are two kinds of golfers -players and practicers... overall game has improved -especially the most important aspect short game... one additional perk...I rarely if ever need to buy golfballs...play ProV1X that are stockpiled in my closet LOL
  2. The oddysey marksman and ALLother chippers that are not double sided are entirely legal. (iFYI:. a chipper that can be played both right and left handed is illegal -double bladed).. there still exists a great deal of snobbery against the use of chippers in some quarters as demonstrated by some posts here. My advice is ignore the snobs ...if you are an amateur player with little time to practice why not enjoy the game more by using a perfectly legal club??? This is the same kind of arrogant snobbery one may presume was cast against the hybrid and the dimpled urethane ball
  3. I play the Taylormade Rossa Daytona #1 putter and LOVE IT!! Most reliable club in my bag..".the great equalizer" as Bobby Jones called putters , makes it possible for me to beat my big ballstriking partners most weeks. LOL
  4. I too enjoy playing by myself as it is indeed very spiritual and opens one up to all kinds of reflection etc...unfortunately there are those who not only dont see this aspect of the game but INSIST that it must be played by the most raucous and overtly loutish foursomes concievable....methinks that the foursome is one of the worst ideas ever introduced into the game ..as it distracts from the game itself for everyone..especially those not in that grouping...
  5. Well said! I couldnt agree more...6500 yds is more than enough challenge for most amateur golfers -who despite their protestations actually drive the ball an average of 200-230 yds..according to Tee It Forward and its originator Barney Adams of Adams Golf...
  6. I enjoy the LPGA Tour but do also enjoy watching guys my age play pretty darn good golf on the Champions Tour...the older guys seem more media and fan friendly and many of them are quite likable ...guys you'd like to have a beer with at the 19th hole...it just seems more relaxed and casual somehow and I enjoy that about it.
  7. Dont win a lot? How about Yani Tseng? Arguably the best golfer of our time at present and certainly a candidate for best women golfer period...yet she gets virtually no media love... The LPGA is on the right track since bringing in this new commish...their problem remains sponsors and cash ...fact is that an amateur male player can probably learn more from watching LPGA pros than the PGA since the women use hybrids liberally and strike the ball somewhat more akin to regular guys distances -certainly more so than the super-humans driving it 340 plus yards on the PGA TOUR....or as I like
  8. NOTE TO ALL In order for this discussion to make any sense it is essential that we all stop using the tee box colors at our respective courses as there is apparently no corellation between them whatsoever... it would be best to proceed by telling us the total course yardage from the tees that you play...and this is best described in the Tee It Forward Chart I posted earlier in this thread. Cheers.
  9. From what I make of it you are entirely in the right on this. You have the right to golf with whom you please-including yourself. And there is NEVER a good excuse to hit into someone...especially when you were so clearly in sight.
  10. "Ugh... watched a little bit of another episode of the Haney Project last night. Haney had Adam Levin in some 3D simulator and was trying to get him to take the club outside on the backswing and then loop it down on the downswing from the inside and roll his arms through impact to square the face. It just makes me want to scream at the TV." I'd say that's a swing with a lot of moving parts, eh? LOL Especially since he's trying to teach non PGA quality players-including a total newbie no less!!! How about too many swingthoughts? Or as Yogi said "You cant think and hit at the same
  11. IMO Butch Harmon is the best Golf Instructor -period. Yet he doesnt have his own show etc. like the lesser instructors do.
  12. I dont know if he helped Rush...but Rush sure didnt help him. There was no good reason to bring in such a divisive and polarizing political figure as the Project ...gotta wonder if the Golf Channel now has any regrets seeing the kind of boorish behaviour Rush has displayed of late towards Sandra Fluke, etc.. But it's not like he had a squeeky clean record before this.....shame on the golf Channel. TGC, BTW also kissed Donald "Birther-Blowhard" Trumps deriere...with his own show -no less! Disgraceful and unnecessary -AND bad for business....
  13. I love my Rossa Daytona 1 putter!...it is the most effective club in my bag by far...the one I rely on to beat the big ballstrikers...so I speak from experience with the putter you have...you can learn distance control by spending time on the practice green... also if you are continuosly pushing/pulling putts and struggling with distance you might check to see if you have a "wristy" putting stroke -which is hard to repeat effectively....that is why so many including myself use the "shoulder turn" stroke instead ...with MUCH more consistent results once you get the feel for it on your c
  14. Yes...I have a similar handicap to you -as do my playing partners and we allow for the ball change like you...generally a two piece distance ball from the tee ...for those ginormous 220 yd blasts followed by a V1X or some other top shelf performance ball for approach and play around and on the greens....LOL BTW: I regularly play the V1X and love it...but cant do a thing with the V1..way too much side spin at my swingspeed... You might say that this approach is a variation on the old "water ball" change out at the face of the lake, eh?
  15. I'm a 17 hdcp and definitely dont have great swingspeed ...driver 85-90 yet I still prefer the V1X seems the 4 piece spins straight for me and I love it around the greens -especially putting -which is the best part of my game...in contrast I cant seem to hit the V1 straight at all...spins off sideways into banana curve city...
  16. Sounds like a pretty acurate description of my game....hit driver about 220 (240 on rare ocassions when I happen to clock it with the wind at my back!) Definitely manuever the ball to front of green rather than play sky game with wedges...play lots of bump and run ..and yes I chip and putt like a demon! LOL My game is really 60 yards and in ...and with this strategy I regularly beat a bomber who can hit it 275 plus (there's a Walmart between his teeshot and mine)...and while it may often take me 3 shots to find the green to his two...I seek to pull my best club from the bag (putter) and bog
  17. "No one in front of you. No one behind you. Play at your pace" In Florida we call that "August Golf" BTW: It's Russell :)
  18. Generally speaking, hybrids are easier to hit and give me approx 10 more yards per club...FYI: for this reason I play a hybrid iron set -hybrids for 3 through 7 and love them! Cant imagine ever going back to traditional irons. My traditional irons are purely scoring clubs-8,9,PW, SW.
  19. Below is the official Tee It Forward Driver distance to course yardage chart. The old teebox system based on age is being replaced by teebox determination based on HONEST driver distances(driver distances are the golfers version of penis size in all too many cases!)...i.e. since my average drive is between 200-220 I play from whatever color tee makes the course approx 5200-6000yards, preferably somewhere in the middle of that range... -which at my club translates to "Senior Tees"-No problemo since I am a senior....but you get the general idea....this is one of the very best ideas to impact rec
  20. I think its important to seperate Tiger the golfer from Tiger the person. Tiger the golfer is no doubt one of the greatest all time...but Tiger the person is a self centered arrogant a-hole who has been pampered his entire 30-something years.... When incidents like the one with Micelli happen I always remember the story about when Tiger was first breaking onto the scene as a major phenom and while dining with Arnie started complaining about how he cant go into a restaurant without having his meal interupted, how difficult his life is, etc. etc. To which Arnie wisely s
  21. Putters are far far too personal to recommend...you really need to demo a whole range of putters in order to see which one fits your eye, feel, etc. It's about confidence at address...and results. Dont be too quick to spend a fortune either ...I play with a guy who uses an old beat up non OEM brand putter that he's cut down to about 28 inches ...and when the flatstick is hot he's jaring everything.... moral of the story: The best putter for you is the one that puts the ball in the hole with the least use... good luck...when you encounter the one that's right for you-you w
  22. I just removed my mid size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips and replaced them with standard size Lamkin Crossline Tour grips...I have big hands (XL Glove) but still prefer the feel and "whip action" of a standard grip....the mid size felt like thick sticks and I would at times pull/ hook shots -which is strange since my tendency is fade/cut /slice ...anyway I hated the damn things and glad I got rid of them...
  23. Stevie is a legend in his own mind...he needs to be reminded that he did not win a single tournament-much less 14 majors... Since Stevie revels in receiving awards... Adam Scott should give him a plaque with the rules of caddying engraved thereon: "Show Up Keep Up SHUT UP."
  24. IMO: OK, but no match for Win McMurray and Lauren Thompson!
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