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  1. Agree.....Wilson Staff is much better golf equipment (including several of the balls) than they get credit for.....brand apparently needs a marketing makeover of some kind because they def. dont get much if any respect....yet consistently produce solid products, IMO.
  2. I'm inclined to agree with you....and I'm no Titleist basher as my go-to ball is the DT So/Lo. Great all around ball for reasonable price imo.
  3. NXT Tour is a very good ball, indeed. Nice combo of a distance ball and "feel" shortgame ball....but not that much better than the Titleist DT So/Lo, imo.
  4. The Wilson Staff 50 Elite is an underated ball indeed. Especially good in cooler weather. However my go-to everyday ball is the modest Titleist DT So/Lo.....hands-down best all-around ball for the money-especially for average swing speeds (85-90 MPH) When I feel like splurging I'll take the V1X (cant hit the V1 for neither love nor money!) V1X goes straighter than V1 for me and still has great feel and spin around the greens.
  5. Thanks, mate. I think we can all recount tales of the shoddy manner which women golfers are often treated at many clubs-private and public. I can assure you that it is no better for Blacks, Latinos or any other minority which attempts to play golf .....then the golf establishment scratches their collective heads and can't understand why the game is in decline...perhaps it has something to do with the manner in which these "New Majority" golfers are "welcomed", eh? LOL
  6. The "old white guy" population is not growing....'tis just a matter of time...as for "bloviating"-mildly or otherwise, methinks attributing the decline in golf's popularity to the cost of running a course is a bit more than bloviation...there are many muni's that charge 20 bucks or less yet the game is still in decline.... ....your post sounds much more like "whistling past the graveyard", mate.....yesiree dont you worry about that demographic tsunami coming right at ya.....old white guys will not long control most of the disposable income either since they wont be around to spend it........
  7. While your list of very good reasons that golf is not growing more popular is rather extensive, it failed to mention one additional, critical reason; the changing demographic make up of the United States. Golf is historically tied to the oppression of blacks, minorities, women and the working class....it has earned its reputation as a rich, white, male, ostensably hetero, ruling class game....and despite the many PR spin initiatives, remains very much so. The PGA Tour was one of the very last "sports" organizations to integrate....and looking at the players, it has made rath
  8. You are still drinking the GOP austerity koolaid mate...the very same policies that are burying England and other foolish Euro nations who fail to understand the simple Keynesian economic commandment: Thou shalt NOT cut government spending in the midst of a recession or its fragile recovery. You can NOT simply CUt your way back to prosperity. The fastest time tested approach to economic recovery is Government investment in shovel ready and badly needed infrastructure projects which places cash in the hands of the true job creators -working people who create consumer demand....tax cuts for the
  9. Does Bush also regret starting unecessary wars...and putting them on the nations credit card? Does he regret such wreckless and irresponsible behavior and leaving it all to be mopped up by President Obama? One would certainly hope so....since he took Clinton's budget surplus and turned it into a massive deficit and economic crisis which Obama has begun mopping up- setting the ship aright.
  10. Glad I could help....you can probably pick up a Niblick for reasonable price on ebay. Good luck....and please do check back into this thread and tell us how you do.
  11. I have indeed played the 56 degree Niblick with a traditional bunker sand blast shot -open face . It works well out of deeper or fluffy sand but you must be careful since it has a 14 bounce...personally at my club where sand is often thin or muddy I just hit a kind of chip shot towards the hole letting the clubs weight do the work..this ..works well if you follow through straight out and not across yourself-easy once you get the hang of it.... if not you can chili dip it!
  12. As a 20+ capper and recreational golfer I would first recommend that you consider hybrid iron sets ...like Adams A12OS, or Cleveland Hibore....the hybrid irons are much easier to hit than the long and middle irons and will give you considerable more distance ...you might also consider higher lofted fairway woods to replace the hard to hit 4 and 5 irons with 7 and 9 fw woods ....adds 10 plus yards per club.... as for the all important short game scoring clubs ...120 yards and in ..I recommend you try the Cleveland Niblicks which come in 42, 49 and 56 degree (and grab the no longer made 3
  13. Yes, my course is "bunker-challenged" as well....many are either hardpan or mud depending on weather and irrigation schedules....my method tends to vary according to the bunker in question ..however one reliable go-to approach to getting out of these ditches is to choke down on the 56 degree Niblick and hit a chip shot aiming directly at the pin......and yes on those rare days when there's real sandy bunkers you can indeed open up the 56 degree Niblick and play out....it does have a 14 bounce so one needs to kind of "pick it" off hardpan though! LOL
  14. I'd like to hear from anyone who might be playing the newer, conforming grooves Niblicks ....as well as anyone playing Niblicks with the graphite shafts. (Mine are the old True Temper steel.)
  15. Thanks for the invite and for starting the "Niblick Army" Group! I own the old (and better) zip groove models and have all the lofts: 37, 42, 49 and 56. I play them as my 8 iron, 9 iron, PW and SW respectively. There is literally never a round where I do not use all of them -extensively. And they have saved me countless strokes on my scorecard. FYI: I put oversized grips on mine and this helps insure less " wristyness" when hitting the delicate shots around the green.
  16. BTW since you are a few inches taller than me , the 34 inch putter is probably correct size for you according to the on-line Odyssey fitting program.So no surprise that you find it comfortable. What do you plan to do about the long putter ban? As a recreational player will you simply ignore it? I know you dont have to switch out until at least 2016 but thought you must be considering all that non-sense.
  17. I've read that most golfers are using clubs that are too long for them as the "average " height assumed by manufacterers is 5'-8" and taller. Indeed my wife's clubs (like all standard womens clubs) are all cut a tad shorter and feel quite comfortable at address. In example the standard mens putters are ALL too long at 34 and 35 inches and most definitely damage the swing path. I have done the "club wizard" fitting online and been told repeatedly that all of my clubs should be cut down 1/2 inch but have not done so since it seems rather little and as I said I always choke down anyway.
  18. Got a question for you and all other Niblick fans here: I am rather short at 5'-6" and do choke down on all of my Niblicks....I've been considering cutting my steel shafts down one or two inches thus making the mens model Niblick (originally 36 ") into a 34" which happens to be the length of the womens Niblick. Figured maybe I'd split the difference and cut mine down to 35 to try it out first?? FYI- I putt with a Taylormade Rossa Daytona #1 AGSI cut to 32". Your thoughts and those of other Niblick fans here would be much appreciated.
  19. Righto, logman Nuthin' like a Niblick from 100-120 yards and in.....I too find 60 degree lob a wasted club ...at my club very few carry them because average amateurs cant hit them with any consistantcy -unless it's consistently fat or skulled....however I also find that the 56 degree niblick can produce a suitable lob based on ball position at set up....and with those zip groove spinners they sit where they're hit! If you have a chance to pick up the 37 degree Niblick ( alas, not made any longer) I urge you to do so....just great for long bump and run style pitches and very relia
  20. Yes, I can not believe that Cleveland stopped making the 37 degree Niblick....what a money club from 100 - 120 yards out....and dont ya just love the way that 56 degree spins it! One of the best features of the Niblicks, imo, (except for the 56) is that wonderful alignment line that lets you set up your approach, pitch or chip with such confidence... These clubs are good for 3-6 strokes per round at minimum! Let the fools try to hit Vokey wedges designed for tour pros who do nothing but hit balls all day.....and watch their score cards explode....LOL
  21. sure...but you'd be more than happy to lean ever so hard on the "crutch" of the latest greatest whizbang driver guaranteed to deliver an extra 35 yards, or the newest big deal fairway wood , hybrid, ball etc.. .....LOL Next time you manage to play and , once again score in the 90's remember that the Niblick would have saved you anywhere from 3 to 6 strokes.....and kiss breaking 90 good byw without it. so sad to see people succumb so readily to peer pressure....high school is over mate! But you keep right on grinding away with that pro tour grind wedge specially designed NOT for p
  22. And how many pros actually NEED a Cleveland Niblick?....seeing as they do nothing all day but practice....and you, I, and the rest of the recreational golfers do NOT ....BTW I notice that you are a 20 'cap....ironically , you would benefit the most from carrying a Niblick in your bag....I have probably been playing less than half as long as you (only 6 years) and I am a senior(probably old enough to be your father) yet I already carry a lower handicap than you and have shot 81 four times........maybe time for you to swallow your ego and pack a Niblick in your bag, mate.... Remem
  23. Again, the Cleveland Niblick is NOT just a chipper ...it has been tested and found to be more effective than "normal" clubs for ALL handicaps from single digit to 24 'capper duffers.
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by Crey23 Stay away from these.....I rather have an additional wedge in my bag than this very limiting club. I have learned to chip with my lob and sand wedges from 25-35 yards (respectively) quite consistently. It's all on how you approach the shot and and how you grip...there are many publications with the detail on how to grip....Phil Mickelson is a master at this. This method has worked very well for me. I seldom putt from the fringe, as i have gotten great confidence from my chipping. Now, with that said, if you must ha
  25. They do indeed work -and very very effectively , Keb... I carry all four Niblicks in leiu of wedges -since they are far better than regular wedges for the average player.... I carry the 37 (no longer made) 42, 49 and 56. You simply can not beat their versatility from approx 100 yards in..... For example: two days ago I hit the 49 (pitching wedge) over a deep swampy ravine from a downhill rough lie onto a sloping green to within one foot of the pin where she stuck like a dart! Thank you zip grooves! Disaster turned into a tap-in par courtesy of Cleveland Nib
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