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  1. When did Greg "The Great Choker" Norman become the official psychiatric spokesman for the PGA Tour? Although, I will concede that Norman has much experience at being mentally intimidated...

    This is yet another example of Norman's outsized ego...he needs to find ways to stay in the golf press after long concluding his vastly under-performing career.

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  2. Most certainly the ugliest shirts ever....such a shame that they wore those things during that great performance....you dont think maybe...naah...I'm not superstitious or anything but hey maybe we should just keep a box of them in the USA clubhouse....just in case- behind one of those "Break Glass" emergency call boxes...."I got a good feeling about this"    : )

  3. While I too like Freddie -and who doesnt?!...this HOF thing is bit much.

    His response sounded like he, too was a bit taken aback -perhaps embarrassed, by the whole thing...frankly a silly HOF voting procedure made it so.  If there are no substantive candidates in any given year they should simply say so and induct no one in order to protect the integrity of the hall and avoid it becoming some kind of popularity contest...

    jeez....what's next ? Ricky Fowler?    : )

  4. Hey nobackswing....I employ the ten finger grip in the same way as described by another poster ...all fingers are on the club BUT the backhand (left if your a rightie) thumb is under the lifeline of the righthand and both thumbs form the classic "V" pointing at your right shoulder....I've used it for a few rounds now and love it as it allows me to more easily cock my right wrist and release with my dominant right hand ....better contact, more distance and much straighter shots ...almost lost my fade!

    AND better feel around the greens with wedges ...dont think I'll be changing back anytime soon!

  5. Hey sean...I'll add another to the Titleist list of duds...the NXT  now replaced by the Velocity (which I have not played)

    ...that said I would also add that the Titleist line has some outstanding balls...starting with the obvious Pro V1 /V1X  , NXT Tour and my regular ball the humble DT So/Lo  ...I find that they play better than most at their respective levels esspecially in my all important short game ...I can tell the difference and I'm just a 17 'cap duffer!!

    i.e. the Pro V1 spins like nothing else on pitches and chips and putts like butter...and the DT So/Lo performs better than other balls in its modest price range as well imo...

    for these reasons I do believe that Titleist deserves it's #1 Ball in golf ranking:  Based on Performance

  6. I play at a municipal course and the "fairway" and greens conditions are dubious at best....not to mention debris hither and yon....so we always play "lift, clean and place golf"  and have a steadfast rule that if you hit a fairway or green you have the right to hit/putt upon grass.    And I won't even begin to discuss sand in bunkers-...as in I have a sand wedge but not a concrete wedge....  : )

    For example if you'er on the green but there's bare ground either under your ball or on the line of your putt you may move it -no closer to the hole but on a grass line...

    fortunately this condition is not always the case but there are certain holes during certain times of year...and there's always some holes like this ...thus the year round lift clean and place rule...which I understand is normally used on the LPGA tour?

  7. Yeah....I know what ya mean...my limited experience with PGA Teaching Pros is not positive....took 8 lessons at the outset- just for the basics about hitting each club... and decided correctly that the best and fastest way to learn this game was to play often and experiment on the course in practice rounds... ... and get yourself in and out of trouble....I find the "in" part the easiest though   :)

  8. If you are short like me (5' 6") a fairway wood can indeed be difficult as they have longer shafts than hybrids....but reward you with greater distance...for me the key is to slow down -especially on the backswing and "SWEEP the dew" with the clubhead while keeping head still and watching club meet ball.......that said, I will hit them only when a situation does not allow for say a #3 Hybrid shot to eat up somewhat similar distance with less risk...

    in practice rounds I will be more aggressive and hit woods whenever possible...and surprisingly , with pretty good results...but they do require building some confidence...through experience ...

  9. I just started experimenting with a baseball grip...have always used an interlocking grip...but find I hit ball more solidly ...greater distance, less fade/slice action.

    Also get much better results with wedges...higher with more backspin.

    Only negative thus far is control...tend to hook more but initial results lead me to further experiment with this approach.It may be that I use different grips for different clubs moving forward...time will tell..

  10. Are you hitting from the correct tee box?  I too am a senior who hits driver about your distance ...this chart should help you determine which yardage best suits your game ...t'is nice to make a few GIR's per round, yes?   :)    Good Luck

    You can google "Tee It Forward" Program for more details...


    This chart is a guideline to help golfers align their average driving distance with the course length best suited to their abilities.
    Driver Distance
    Recommended 18-Hole Yardages
  11. Hi folks:

    Today I began fooling around with the baseball / ten finger grip and have been rather impressed with some of the results.

    I have always played the interlocking grip but decided to give this a try since I came over to golf only 6 years ago after "retiring"  from many years of competitive recreational softball...so I thought maybe the baseball grip would be comfortable to me...

    I was introduced to the game by my club teaching pro who has his students use the interlock and I had never tried anything else since it felt OK and I have been able to play myself into a decent "bogey" golfer averaging 88 to 89 regularly...aka a 17 or 18 'cap...

    First the good:    More distance with ten finger grip.

    Better contact...even the starter mentioned that I was striking the ball more solidly today...then I told him I was practicing with baseball grip ..he laughed and said that he had recently changed from that to the interlocking!!  ah...golf!

    I Also get better results with sand wedge shots...higher with more backspin...

    Now the bad:  Less control as I tend to hook shots more with the baseball grip -and I am a classic fader/ slicer with the interlock

    I would love to hear what your experience might be with these grips ...I would especially appreciate hearing from you experienced players,  club pros and club makers out there about the pro/cons of baseball v interlock grip......or even Vardon for that matter..

    thanks in advance.

  12. I have a miniature golf bag hanging off of my real golf bag....it is a cigar humidor and the "pouch" on the front of it holds lighters, cutters etc.

    Essential equipment, you understand....

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  13. It's my understanding that all the revenue is in Tee AND Green...not in between...

    Drivers and Putters are the big equipment sales items ...golfers , including myself will use the same irons for years...

  14. I agree that a bogey golfer is pretty good....being slightly better than bogey golfer meself I do have a skin in this game, however,     :)

    This is perticularly true when considering how long someone has played...and the fact that the majority of golfers actually never break 100 or 90.

    to shoot in the 80's regularly and occasionally threaten to break 80 is good stuff.

  15. I think that part of the American advantage is the NCAA "farm system" that produces a steady crop of up and coming stars for the PGA Tour...(even many of the Euros have cut their teeth on US College golf at one time or another) ....just look at some of the present American amateurs...the NCAA , Nationwide Tour and frankly better golf climates in the states (think Florida, Texas, California etc)

    all of these factors leave American golf with a very deep bench indeed...

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