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  1. Did you know that while filming the movie Top Gun Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer did not speak off set?
  2. Modern Family, The office, How i met your mother, Friends, Its always sunny in Philadelphia, Big Break and Grey's Anatomy
  3. Ok i am not judging you because it is your opinion, but if she is not hot, who in your eyes is on the golf channel? Michael Breed
  4. it is not like i sneak on at noon or anything, i sneak on when there is barely anyone there. so i sneak on at 5 or 6. and i dont see any point in paying 30$ for 1 hour of daylight.
  5. you seem like a great guy, but i hardly think a stranger like you knows what driver i need.
  6. Holly sonders is one hot piece of ass, she is the hottest that golf channel has ever seen.... besides Kelly Tilghman.. JK
  7. DFerlmann


    I hate that everyone thinks hes a beast and all act like they love him just because he played well for 2 weeks. to be a beast you have to be great every game. and in my opinion i dont think we will see that much of him in the future.
  8. I have jumped on courses all the time. it really is not a big deal, if your only going to go out and play 9 or fewer holes why should you have to pay the 18 hole price. i just go start on the 2nd or 3rd hole and just jump around. im sure no one has gone to jail for sneaking on a golf course and playing a few holes.
  9. I completely agree, i also feel that right now his competition is some of the best in PGA tour history, making it very hard to catch jack in major wins.
  10. i have played with the white ice for a few seasons and found that the roll was not very true and it was not durable at all.
  11. I have a Scotty Cameron fast back and like it, but i could still see myself ending up with a YES or a Nike putter one of these days.
  12. I have owned both the RBZ driver and 3 wood, i still play the 3 wood and am a huge fan. i hit it longer then most of my team mates drivers. the only thing is that i thought that the stock stiff shafts were way too light and weak. I got rid of the driver because of the shaft, and i did not like what it did with slight miss hits. but if you like the shafts stiffness i think it will be a great fit. and it is the longest driver i have ever hit to this day.
  13. I have hit them both, and i own the 910.. what i found is that they are pretty much the same club look and feel wise, but i did see a little added distance with the 913.
  14. I am in the market for a new driver and i think that the Adams fast 12 LS might be the one, but i have never hit it. just wondering what people think about it if they have it, or have an opinion on it.
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